Mixed Musings Of A Broken Soul
Author: babygurljrl

Chapter 9
RX For Disaster

"This will be the last time", I say every single day.
That "I'm done with all this bullshit", but things just never change.
I'm not proud of what I'm doing, I know it isn't right.
But try as I may, I can't seem to win the fight.

It's like you wake up in the morning and it's the first thing on your mind.
Is "Where can I get some pills, I really need a line".
When you can barely move and you'd rather stay asleep,
But you can't and you won't because you know you're in too deep.

Even if you have no money you will always find a way.
Just to get your fix any price you'll pay.
Because you can barely function and you know the pain will stay,
if you don't find just what you need to make it go away.

Then you finally find your pill and pull out your spoon and plate,
Your not even done crushing it yet you already feel great.
Just this one last time you think before you sniff it up.
But no sooner than it's up your nose you no longer give a fuck.

Suddenly all your troubles seem a million miles away,
you feel like a new person and everything is great.
Until your buzz wears off and you hate yourself again,
And you wonder if this vicious cycle ever has an end.

But you you know that tomorrow morning the first thing on your mind,
Will be "Where can I find some pills, I really need a line."
And then once again you'll swear that it is the last time,
You see, you really wanna let the drugs go but they're holding on to tight.


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