The Summer I Died
Author: Richard Anthony

Chapter 11
A Leaky Secret

Arch Bishop de Pietro walked into the offices of his superior the Black Pope Father de la Medida with a smile on his face. Father de la Medida looked up from the stack of papers he had been working on as de Pietro seated himself in one of the Black Pope’s plush chairs.
“When you smile like that Father it gives me goose bumps,” said de la Medida.
“A smile like this one only comes along once in a while these days, Father,” de Pietro stated. “So I’m enjoying it for as long as it last.”
“I see,” replied the Black Pope. “Could you enlighten your poor teacher as to why you have that grin plastered on your face?”
“Si, Father,” replied the Arch Bishop. “It seems a planted bit of information with has brought forth the most savory fruit.”
Father de la Medida looked over his glasses at his younger associate and asked, “Plan, what plan?”
“Our young Brother Delgado suggested we plant ‘leaked’ information for the Dominicans to stumble onto,” de Pietro said.
“Really?” the Black Pope asked. “My how deceptive Brother Delgado can be, you might want to keep an eye on that one.”
“I have been,” replied de Pietro. “That is why he is our man on this mission.”
“I see,” acknowledged de la Medida. “Maybe I should take my own advice and keep an eye on you Arch Bishop. So, what fruit did this ‘leak’ produce?”
“It produced a bite, Father,” de Pietro acknowledged. “The Dominicans now know of our plan to launch an expedition to the Old World.”
The Black Pope gasped, “What?”
“The Dominicans need to see who they are opposing,” de Pietro declared.
“To what end, my son?” the Black Pope asked.
“To get them to back down,” de Pietro stated. “Also we concluded, if the Dominicans found this piece of juicy information on their own then more than likely, it would stop them from looking more closely at what other plans we have in the works.”
The Black Pope slid back in his chair and stared at the desktop for a few moments.
“Or it just might get them to start looking harder for further hidden information,” he suggested.
“That’s what I thought and said as much to Brother Delgado,” the Arch Bishop replied.
“And?” de la Medida asked.
“He said ‘you never see the little monkey dancing in the corner dancing when you are staring at a two thousand pound gorilla in front of you’,” de Pietro answered.
Father de la Medida sat looking at de Pietro for a few moments, blinked a couple of times and then started laughing.
“He is right you know,” said the Black Pope. “I like this Brother Delgado, he is sneaky and conniving. You must bring him by for lunch and we really do need to have someone pay closer attention to him. After all, in a few years he might be after my job.”


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