Author: Elruade

Chapter 8



The reader should study and memorize the following scripture. There are more than 500 in total. They are divided into seven categories. These are the Young, Fate, Wetberry, CO-BS, Darcy, Winmill, and Flight. Of course you don’t need to know all of them. I realize we cannot ask so much of you. The following are particularly relevant however. It is not recommended you skip over this part.

(None of these can be dated with accuracy. Most are believed to be at least 50 years old.)


Young Scripture #48


Tell you how to live,

Boxshuffling noises!
I see you wet and Indigo,

The nature of Blacks!


Young Scripture #100


Easy to capture a moth, at least, when it’s dark.

Light a lamp (what are you up for?)

Place the lamp

Step away from the lamp



Young Scripture Bolthese


Understanding your own inner nature!

Have you stopped at requisite places?

Have you marked the pages clearly?

This is a readable writing,

From the sore wrist of Julius Mencius.

(The essence of cleaning lies in the elbow motion)


Wetberry Sordedly Fifty-fifth


God said when it was raining,

Open all the doors and all the windows.

(He lived in a flat at the time)

All the equipment became thoroughly soaked,

And afterwards God smiled broadly,

And he took down the tree that blocked the view.


Wetberry Sordedly # 30


In any punch you throw, the first thing it strikes

Is its own shadow. Shadow of conglomerations,

Shadows of silent and mute upheavals. You say  you

Want to try running down the streets with a broken fist.

(It is recommended only for the injured and faking)


CO-BS (Corsica-Bastille) Scripture 22


The sand has been raked.

Oil is mixed with vinegar.

What de we get?

We get only mixed reactions:

The gays are walking around and the homosexuals refuse to stand up, while the pretty ladies deny any will whatsoever, and the food is all gone now anyway.



CO-BS (Corsica-Bastille) Scripture 25


When your day is numbered on the calendar,

Place a hand on this scripture,

Count to ten in your head,

Release the palm first,

Slap yourself senseless.




CO-BS (Corsica-Bastille) Scripture 62


History of the Bastille.

It used to be in France. It was stormed by

Whoever wanted to storm the Bastille.

It was raped of valuables,

Everything taken ‘cept for one thing:

An oversized bag of crisps.


CO-BS (Corsica-Bastille) Scripture 62


History of the Bastille

It used to be in France. It was stormed by

Whoever wanted to storm the Bastille.

It was raped of valuables,

Everything taken ‘cept for one thing:

An oversized bag of crisps.


Extension 1: History of the Bastille (He pressed the button)


The storming happened as follows.

Many were dressed up as horses. Two people were required

For this; one for the hind legs and one for the front legs and the head. Your head could fit into the horses head just barely. They couldn’t move quickly, but the attacked (defenders) believed they were being sieged by so many horses, and the men with the bayonets were more for show. And it is believed that they lost because of this trick.

(Your ass couldn’t fit into a horses ass because of the odds of this happening)


It is unclear why they wanted to storm the Bastille. It has been proven there was nothing worthwhile inside it. Many believe it was just a symbolic act, and we have to record any such things because we can’t forget, we just can’t.



Winmill Scripture

(You have to go online for these. Just click on the Winmill icon and it will begin to reflect a snot-nose-fuck)


God had a wife that was larger than he was. I mean as large as several galaxies. We are talking about a waist much wider than the equator. The wife prepared God’s favorite food; asparagus dipped in vinegar. He could make it himself but God was always busy. Just now, just now! Did you see that? He pushed a man over! He fell down into a puddle of mud.


Winmill Scripture—Dominic

(Click on the icon of the boot)


Dominic was a Saint who lived about a mile north of England, on a rocky island. He had built a hotel on it, one with free booking and fee-waivers of failed bookings (should it ever happen)

One day a guest arrived in a little boat. It was an old man, a bent-over old man, and he asked of the Saint, are you making profits? The saint climbed onto a large rock and said in a loud voice, I am making no profits; I am still running because of God’s Grace. Then the old man sailed back to the shore on his own. The saint could survive only thanks to the old man, who kept going back and forth.


Next time: book a room at this hotel. It is called Dominic Reserve, and the address is listed in the phone.


Winmill Scripture Torrent

(This is a very large file-size; I recommend use of a torrent. Otherwise try going to Spain in the dry season and pluck till you drop)



(Your book is blacklisted)


Listen well now. I understand—I am the only one who has ever understood—that daily life amounts to nothing, absolutely nothing. If it is purchases you are mentioning; get it over with. Purchasing food from a store is not part of daily life. I don’t give a damn what you do in your ‘daily life’! I know you don’t want to explain it; it will only shame you. I know all of it. Read this book and make of it your daily routine. Try not to have any routines. Starve yourself; don’t listen to advice; go into seclusion. I recommend measures for ending it. Please continue reading now.



        I thank you so much for reading this far! And so forth and soforth, and sofar and insofar; that is how they list this book in the catalogues. Listen; ignore the short descriptions of this book; they are all inaccurate. No-one can summarize what it is about! I hope to keep it this way.

        21st BOND is about James Bond in the 21st century. This would very well suffice as a summary! But of course, context is very important with this book. You cannot escape reading this book with a General Feel of the context you are finding yourself in. Listen; I don’t feel I am in a context, but please don’t mention this fact to anyone.

        James Bond has always been (up to now) depicted as being a Male Icon, if I may use such a term. He is smooth, handsome, and clever. He completes each mission with flair; or shall we say, abundance.

        Hare Basreol—the actor who plays Bond—confronts the anomaly of trying to be such a man. In the new movie titled Inevitability of Death the director and producer want it to be the Best Bond yet. They have set aside so much money, and they use a new technique of Petitioning to find out exactly what the people want to see.

        Let me put it this way. (I have said more than enough) Basreol realizes it is just about this public. He cannot confront the public because it is a faceless and nameless mass. He confronts the 21st century society of people living behind the scenes. He develops a unique sense of loneliness and isolation, believing that the public is staring at him and he cannot look anyone back in the face. He becomes crazy and ‘Lawlas’; a term that will come up later.

        I believe—100%--that no-body wants to be a conformist. That there should apparently be very few non-comformists doesn’t disprove my argument at all; it is because of serious outlets that people apparently seem to get along just fine. (Please refer to the two World Wars and their atrocities) We cannot live with any false hopes, or believe man is a noble creature. (As if anyone does)

        Therefore, I believe you will enjoy reading about a lunatic such as James Bond. Or is it Hare Basreol? That is one of the mysteries I would very much like for you to investigate on your own. Amen.

P.S. I cannot guarantee you will come with any answers, or find anything conclusive. That is just the point. Nothing ends and nothing begins. Books are just descriptions of feelings and emotions. And I may be wrong in all regards.


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