Author: Demi L.J. Amor

Chapter 1
The Noir Twins


Luna! The voice of my younger sister, Sora, yelled in an aggravated, impatient tone. I grumbled and pulled the brush through my hair a little quicker; glancing at the small, silver clock with a face of roman numerals, I realized the time, 8:25, with a frustrated groan I jumped to my feet, rushed out of my green and silver clad room, before rushing back inside to feed the two fish that inhabited my corner tank.

Luna! Sora shouted, her tone growing more irritated.

Coming! I called back down, sliding out of my room for the second time and onto the landing, slamming the wooden door with a bang behind me I dashed down the stairs; jumping the last three before slipping into the black, polyester cotton, blazer that hung from a peg at the bottom of the scarlet carpeted staircase.

Dont forget your lunch and bag, mother reminded me as she emerged from the kitchen holding a small transparent, box out for me. I smiled gratefully, and shoved it, rather messily; into the ebony messenger bag decorated with colourful, neon art splashes. Right, scram, I want to get this house clean before I go to work, she grinned, pressing her soft, coarse lips to both mine and Soras cheeks.

Bye mum! Sora chirped with a fantastic smile, she tugged the hem of her skirt down a little further, and by skirt I mean a scanty piece of blue fabric that could be a belt.

Yeah, see you late mum, I twisted my lips into something I hope looked like a shadow of a smile, throwing the strap of my bag over my left shoulder.

Bye girls, and Luna, please try to behave today, mother warned, her grey gaze staring uncomfortably at me. I nodded and moved to the door, exiting just after Sora. I wasnt a bad kid like people presume, Im just unwilling to co-operate. Its not that Im lazy or anti-social (well okay, I may be a little anti-social) but I have better things to be doing with my time, and when stupid stuck up plastics start running their mouths off at me, I wont sit there and take it. So I usually get done for bad behaviour or harassing other students despite the fact that they started it. But then again, that school is built on favourites; the favourites get pretty much everything there. And we outcasts are just ignored, until a favourite whinges and whines, and then we get a severe tongue lashing, or sometimes a detention or suspension.

Oh Lulu! Lulu, over here! A familiar, loveable voice called, but the hated nickname caused me to glare at the curly, red haired girl now bouncing alongside me instead of smiling at her. She reached her pale hand out to my forehead and pushed my skin down against where I assumed my frown line would be. Oh dont frown Lulu, it makes you far less pretty and much more masculine.

Then dont call me Lulu, Karissa, I muttered, my face relaxing as I pulled away from her hands.

Fine, she sighed, her blue eyes concentrating on the wrought iron gates of the school. Welcome back…” She yawned and flicked a perfect auburn corkscrew over her left shoulder, before sauntering into the grounds of Jasmine Grove Academy.

I glanced about with light hazel eyes, flecked with molten silver, at the school grounds Ive been arriving to for the past four years. Six dismally grey concrete buildings dotted the campus, grass that was now brown and beaten into the ground grew in several areas, kept into messy polygons by the pathways us students were supposed to use.

As we walked past numerous clichéd groups of teenagers on our way to the largest grey building known unimaginatively as Main Block, everyone seemed to be gossiping animatedly about the same topic. Snippets of the loud conversations floated into my ears, but the few words that remained in my brain were the ones that were repeated: strange, new, ebony and contrasting with that one, ivory.

Sounds like we have a new student on our hands, I commented, slightly surprised. New students were a rarity in Jasmine Grove, so it was rather pleasing to hear something about a new student.

Two actually, someone corrected me, throwing their toned arm around my small shoulders, I grinned. Glancing up, I caught the brown-eyed gaze of a slightly taller, muscular built boy with floppy dirty-blonde hair and sun-kissed skin, his lips curved into a broad smile.

You seem to know quite a bit Elliot, I noticed, youre usually worse than Rissa and I when it comes to gossip. From my right, Karissa nodded in agreement.

Eh, I have my ways Luna, you forget that, he smirked, bringing his left hand to tap his temple. No, theyre in our classes, and Ive been asked to show them around. Im about to go meet them, so Im kidnapping the two of you to come with me! I sighed and shook my head, a small smile gracing my face. Karissa giggled lightly and skipped ahead, pushing open the wooden doors camouflaged with a chipping yellow-ish white paint; the fresh smell of paper and cleaning supplies rushed outside. I shrugged off Elliots arm and followed him and Karissa down a couple of stairs that lead into an open, checker-tiled foyer.

Ah, Elliot, the nasally voice of the office worker looked up from her paperwork as he opened the window; she pointed a heavily manicured, pianist finger to where two figures sat. She squared off the papers in her hand then rifled through them and handed Elliot five sheets of the crisp white material with a printed timetable.

Both of the Noirs timetables, your own and both Miss Abneys and Miss Halls are there as well. The office worker, whos name Im still unsure of after four years, closed the window and pushed herself back on the high-backed, wheeled chair to where the desk phone was ringing. Elliot flicked through the sheets, handed me my own timetable the first glance at it made me groan- and then Karissas before he began to saunter over to where the previously mentioned figures sat, sharing a hushed conversation.

Jett and Ebony Noir, Elliot stated, “very original names. I nodded, both their first and last named meant black, and black seemed to be a running theme with the two newcomers.

Oh hello! The female, sitting on the right, bounced up with a large smiled, her lightly curled black hair swaying slightly, the carefully cut, choppy side-fringe falling into her fathomless, dark grey (almost black) eyes. She outstretched a pale hand towards us, Im Ebony, that there- she jerked her other hand and pointed to where the male still sat, is my brother, Jett, and its a pleasure to meet you…”

Likewise Ebony, Im Elliot Garner. And these are- Karissas hand shot out and took Ebonys, shaking it happily.

Karissa Hall! She grinned, her bright blue eyes bright. Ebony beamed back and giggled lightly, her dark orbs slid over to me, where I stood drinking in the scene.

And you? She asked, cocking a brow.

Luna Abney, I replied, sliding my gaze over to where Jett sat, seemingly unfazed, his face pointed downwards, as if he were concentrating on the floor.

“Well then, now that introductions are out of the way, I do believe we have five minutes before we should be in form,” Jett sighed, pushing himself from the dark chair with a grumble.

“Oh joys!” Karissa pepped sarcastically, “Mr Docere for form, and English – lucky us! Karissa rolled her shoulders back, yawned and flipped her auburn hair over her left shoulder once again.

“You dislike him?” Ebony questioned, rather stupidly if you ask me.

“As to quote Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You Karissa ‘hates him with the fire of a million suns, Elliot grinned, glad to have a reason to quote his latest film obsession.

“You don’t exaggerate much do you? I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Who said he was exaggerating?” Karissa replied, sticking out her tongue. “Well come on guys, let’s go!”

Elliot, Karissa and Ebony all began on their way, I remained for a few moments, waiting for Jett to move, and it probably wouldnt be very good if he got lost on his first day because I left him.

Jett glanced up and for the first time, I caught a glimpse of his face. The same fathomless, dark eyes his sister had seemed to peer through me, his square jaw locked, and a bored expression painted onto his sallow face. He stayed still for a moment, just gazing past me before he started to move and follow his sister, Elliot and Karissa. Letting out a sigh, I followed behind him and made pursued the quartet.


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