Can I Be Your Superman?
Author: JessicaRose

Chapter 5
Chapter Five

Chapter 5

Rose and I ended up going back inside and I started cooking dinner. She stayed around until her dad came and dropped Madison off to me. Rose’s dad, Mark, normally picks Madison up from daycare since they won’t release her to me and my mom stays out until late because she works two jobs.

After I fed Madison I took her to her room and played with her so I can wear her out so she will sleep easier. I sat on the floor, grabbed Madison’s favorite stuffed rabbit, and sat it in my lap. I looked at Maddy who took to staring at me with her big brown eyes. Her hair had fallen lopsided from her activities for the day one pigtail now rested on her shoulder and the other hadn’t moved too much.

“So Maddi what did you do today?” I leaned forward resting my one elbow on my knee and smiling softly at her. Her eyes twinkled in excitement as she began to reenact her day to me. I watch Maddi play with her toys, singing to me, and climbing me like a jungle gym before she started to get sleepy and I put her to bed and reading her Cinderella from where I left off last time I read to her.

Going back to my room I went back to doing the homework I didn’t get to finish before the whole ordeal with Rose and the phone.

A little before I finished my work I hear my mom come walking into the house with eagerness and excitement. I get up and walk with a slight bounce in my step to get to my mom. Seeing her makes me smile especially when her dark black inky hair, like mine, bounces as she set about heating up the food I made. No one really knew, except maybe my dad, that I was the biggest mama’s girl ever. I always loved curling up with her as she read me stories when I was little and now I like making her food, making sure she is comfortable, and talking to her.

I lean on the arch way to the kitchen before speaking.

“Hey Mom.” She turns around and grins at me before opening her arms up which I gladly walk into cuddling closer to her with my arms wrapped around her waist “Welcome home.” I sigh softly.

“I’m home sweetie! I thought you would be asleep so I was trying to be quite but I guess I wasn’t as quite as I thought I was.” She laughs at herself. She squishes my face in between both of her hands and kisses both of my cheeks before grabbing her plate of food out of the microwave and making her way to the dining table. I sit across from her.

I look my mom over. I’m almost a complete spitting image of my mother except I have grey eyes while she has these hazel-brown eyes. I got my grey eyes from my grandma from my dad’s side. My mom is probably the most energetic woman you will ever find she can talk a mile a minute, make you smile when you don’t want to, and gives off these waves of happiness no matter what she is doing or where she is going. Never get her mad though she a whole different person when she is angry I saw it when she yelled at a lady for knocking me over when I was maybe 8 years old.

“So Hun how was school? Talk to any cute boys?” she asks me in anticipation. I quickly think of something to tell her.

“So was normal like usual just hung around Rose and Jenny. You know how I am Mom. I’m not good with people.” I told her uneasily. “Oh but something interesting did happen.” I began to tell her about Ethan. She listened carefully smiling the whole way through and laughing at some of the things that happen to me. We continued talking and I tried to steer clear of things about school.

My mom doesn’t know that I’m bullied at school and I never plan on telling her because I don’t want her more stressed than she already is taking care of both Madison and me. If she knew she would probably try to get me to change school or maybe even go down there and try and fix things on her own. No I’m not embarrassed of my mother but I am scared that whatever she does will affect me negatively. I switch schools I have to make friends all over again and If she tries to fix things on her own I bet they will just pick on me more.

My mom finally gets tired and I offer to wash her dishes which she protests lightly to before sluggishly heading to room to go to sleep. I finish up in the kitchen before going to my room and finishing the last pages of homework and change into my pajamas.

I sit on my floor closing my Pre-Cal book when my phone goes off. Searching around for it I find in tucked under my pillow. Scrunching up my face I try to figure out who would be texting me this late at night. I slide open my phone to see a number I don’t know but before I can even read the message I hear a thud. I freak out a bit think about what the noise could possibly be before I realize that I had left the front door open. Oh gosh what happens if someone is in the house? I need to protect Maddi and my mom!

I clamber to my closet reaching inside I grab a hanger and wield it as though it is a gun. I push my glasses up with my wrist before leaning out my doorway to look towards our front door. At first I see no one so I relax slightly and lower my hanger but then I lower my gaze to notice a person on the ground facing face down. Scurrying over to the person I peer down at them unsure of what to do. Do I even know this person? The lights are off and the only light there is are the ones coming from the apartment hall. Crouching down I lightly rest my hand on the person’s shoulder and shake them. They groan and roll over. When I see who the person is I’m only half shocked to see them. Ian Fulton was once again beaten up, more bloody though, and in my home only this time he is unconscious, wonderful.

Sighing I stand up while grabbing a hold of both of his wrists as I rise up. I decided to drag him to my room since its closer and I don’t want to wake my mom. I feel bad that I am possibly giving an injured person rug burn but I need to get him out of the hall. I drop him in the middle of my floor huffing and puffing out of breath.

I rush out of my room to close and lock the front door as well as find the first aid kit to fix Ian up.

Coming back to my to find him propped up against my bed looking around in a daze. I close my door behind me as soft as possible before getting down on my knees and crawling towards him.

“Hi.” I offer softly. His eyes focus on me for a couple seconds before he shuts them, tilts his head back and groans in pain. I look him over noticing that his knuckles are bleeding and ripped up, clear signs of a black eye forming, some random scratches, and he re-busted his lip over all he looks and sounds like he is a lot of pain. I get up and run back to the kitchen grab a baggie, fill it with ice, and wrap it in a towel. I go back to the room, hover over Ian and gently place it on his right eye holding it there until he grabs it himself. I start to pull out the stuff I need to clean him up

“What happen?” I ask softly while wiping the blood away from his knuckles. I graze my thumb over the cuts and I hear him hiss in pain.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. I soon realized that I wasn’t going to get a replay out of him. The only reaction I will receive is his blue-green eyes staring at me. I shook my head and set back to work fixing him up, smearing cream, bandaging his fist, and cleaning his cuts.

As I finished I look him over proud of my handy work. Sighing I close my eyes and offer him a small smile and lean forward shifting my weight onto my palms.

“Are you going to talk to me now?” I look him directly in the eyes before shifting them away to look at my blanket. I’m starting to regret having him here. When I’m not fixing him up or am totally engrossed in something he makes me very nervous and shifty. I really do wonder what he is doing at my house and why he is all banged up again.

“Why are you even here?” I try again but I still receive the same reply, complete silence. I run my fingers through my hair and exhale slowly before going around him and climbing onto my bed, ripping the top cover off and draping it over Ian. I let my legs hang off the bed next to him. My bed was on the lower side so my feet touched the floor and almost bent at a complete 90 degree angle, Ian’s head actually past my knees.

“Do you ever plan on answering me?” I ask once again. If he doesn’t answer this time I won’t ask anymore and just leave him a-.  Before I even finish my thought he jumps up to his feet and twirls around looking down at me his eyes burning with anger.

“Would you shut the hell up and stop asking me so many god damn questions! Fuck!” He growls at me. I look up at him with my eyes wide, glasses slipping down and gripping the ends of my bed tightly in fear of what he may do. He lets a huff of air out and turns his face away from mine. He then runs his fingers through his tousled brown hair hissing in pain when he flexes his knuckles to tight. There is an awkward silence as he keeps his eyes closed and sways slightly he then turns his back to me and sinks back to his original position. I bite my lip, squeeze my eyes closed, take a deep breath, and let it out slowly as though I am releasing my fears. If only it was that easy.

“Look I’m sorry I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. So can you fucking stop staring at me with those stupid scared doe eyes.” He commanded with slight difficulty in the beginning like he wasn’t use to apologizing. He has his head against my bed his jaw locked and not prepared to talk anymore. We sat in silence for what felt to be minutes.

Feeling bad for upsetting him I reach over hesitantly to brush the hair off of his forehead. His eyes open slowly then look at me and shift his head onto my right knee where he lets out a long sigh. A little unsure of what to do I set my right hand on top of his head letting my fingers run through his hair cautiously. I hear him let out a sigh of content which in turn gives me a bit more confidence to let my finger freely run through his hair rubbing and massaging his head let him relax. Before I even know it I have fallen asleep on my side using my right arm as a pillow, my hand still rested on Ian’s head, and my glasses on the floor after slipping off my face. Ian’s head is still on my leg and him sleeping soundly legs stretched out in front of him and one hand rested on my foot.

-Ian Fulton-

I wake up slowly my muscles groaning in pain from falling asleep sitting up. What the fuck did I do last night my whole body hurts. Moaning out loud I open my eyes up and look around seeing that I am definitely not in my own room. I lift my head up feeling a pressure leave the top of it. Getting up to my feet I turn around and see that girl lying on the bed. She looks good just lying there in her mini short and tank top. My eyes scan over her before realizing who she is and where I am. Why the hell am I here again? I look down at my hands and see them all bandaged up. Oh that’s right Matt and I got into a fight last night. It was a pretty bad one but that asshole deserved what he got. I walked through the door out of that girl’s room only to come face to face with a woman that looked almost exactly like the one sleeping in the room behind me. She grins seeming not to be surprised at all for a boy to be coming out of her daughter’s room.

I never would have taken girly back there for someone that has boys in her room so often it doesn’t even surprise her mom.

“I see your back. I have to leave right now so can you let Em know I need her to drop Madison off on the way to school today?” Her voice rings clear in my ears she sounds nothing like the nerd. I was expecting a soft spoken woman a voice full of energy. I’m a little too taken back to talk to I just nod my head and she makes her way out the front door only stopping to wave bye. It slowly becomes increasingly awkward standing in a hallway so I turn to leave but I hear a thud and a slow drawn out ouch. I shake my head and start walking again only to be stopped in my tracks

“Ian?” the nerd calls out in confusion and sleepiness. Hearing her call my name has me floored for a few seconds before I am speed walking almost running out the front door. I hurry down the stairs skipping a few and jumping down some. I need to get home and away from the nerd. I hate the way she says my name it sounds clumsy and unsure with a hint of fear. It bothered me.

Right away when I got home I go directly to my room upstairs. I look into the bathroom and survey the damage. My right eye has started to bruise and my bottom lip has a cut on it overall my face doesn’t look that messed up but Matt was a whole different story can’t wait to see him at school. I hop into the shower and get all clean before heading back into my room to get dressed.

I throw on a black leather jacket over a black button up cardigan with white buttons which is over a black tank top, a pair of grey loose skinny jeans, my favorite long necklace with my house keys on the end, and a black G-shock watch. I check myself out in the mirror. Damn I’m hot! I grab my military boots putting them on and walk out of my room.

Checking my watch, I see I’m an hour late to school deciding not to care I stroll my way downstairs snag my backpack off the stair railing before heading to the garage door. I grab the garage door opener off the shelf near the door and press the button. As the door slides open I saunter over to my black 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 500R. My dad buys me whatever I want just because he is never home and just wants me to leave him alone. I would normally walk to school but since I am late I might as well ride my bike. I situate my helmet on my head and I’m off.

I park my bike in between Simon and Lex’s cars, climb off, take my helmet off and shake my hair out. I check my watch ones more to see that I am suppose to be in my 3rd period class. Not wanting to go to class I make my way to my favorite teacher’s class. But first I have to stop by my locker because I wasn’t going to lug around my helmet.

Stopping at my locker I stand in front of it, spin my combo in and when I open it a couple notes fall out which I just look at then put my helmet away and snatch out my grey beanie. I shake my hair out and slide the beanie on the back part of my head then slink off to Mrs. J’s class. While walking I see little miss nerd walking ahead of me. I look her over from head to toe to see how she is looking today.

Little miss nerd was wearing funny looking clothes almost like she stole from her grandma’s clothes. From what I can see is that she is wearing a high collared pinkish-orange colored shirt with a thick white cardigan over it, also a tan skirt, and socks that were just a shade lighter than the skirt with white shoes. Smirking I decide to mess with her a little.

I take longer stride to catch up to her, which isn’t that hard, when I’m almost directly behind her slightly to her left I sling my right arm over her shoulder resting my hand in between her boobs.

“Hows it go nerd?” I whisper into her ear after she freezes up because of where my hand is placed. I look at her face and see it is flushed a dark shade of red. She tries to turn her head away hiding her face with her long hair. I’m having none of that so using my other hand I lightly grip her chin and turn her face towards me. She stares at me with those stupid scared doe eyes which pisses me off.

“Hello Ian, how are your hands?” Her voice quivers a little and she tries to shift her eyes away from mine to check my injuries. I began to scowl then back away from her removing my hand from her chin and moving my right to rest on her shoulder. She starts to relax after that but then ducks under my arm and takes a couple steps away from me still having a lingering blush.

“Their fine. Where are you heading anyways?” I mumbled the first half not use to being rejected and being cared for.

“I’m heading back to Mrs. Jackson’s class, I forgot something in my locker.” She answered softly. I perk up a bit when I hear her say that. That is the exact place I’m heading. Mrs. J is the only teacher I know that can fight back with me. We butt heads but she is an overall chill teacher. I look at the girl next to me once more. Gosh she is even wearing pearls like a grandma. As I look at her some more I remember how she looked this morning. Why is she wearing the baggy grandma clothes with a body like her’s?

Shrugging it off I stuff my hands in my pockets as we stand in front of Mrs. Jackson’s door. She opens the door and starts to walk in before flinching back, stopping, taking a deep breath then starting again. Furrowing my eyebrows I step in after her letting the door close behind me and lean against the wall watching her. Why did she flinch back like that? I watch her climb to her seat and see her sitting down then launching up again. I see her grimace and pass her hand over her bottom and chair than sits back down. When I look next to her chair I see tacks on the floor next to her.

I grit my teeth together tightly. What the hell no one but me should be picking on her. I thought I staked my claim to her yesterday. I look over to Mrs. J’s desk seeing her staring at me with an eyebrow raised. Smirking I stalk over to her desk.

“Sup Mrs. J.” I greet her smoothly. She rolls her eyes at me and turns her whole body towards me then stands.

“Ian why are you in my class and not in your own class?” I shift my eyes to Emily than back to her.

“I was walking Emily to class and stopping to talk to my favoritest teacher.” I look around the class and see shocked faces when they hear me say I walked the nerd to class.

“Thanks for bring Emily back. Oh and favoritest isn’t a word Ian. If you are using words like that I must have failed you as an English teacher.” I give her a small smile and a chuckle. She lowers her voice and continues talking “You can go ahead and stay since there is only 15 minutes left before class ends and I know you probably arrived late to school.” See this is why she is my favorite teacher. I sit down on the extra chair near her desk; I look up and make eye contact with shocked grey eyes. I give her a smug smirk and continue staring her down as I wait for the bell to ring.


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