Can I Be Your Superman?
Author: JessicaRose

Chapter 4
Chapter Four

Chapter 4

As I sat waiting for the bus at the bus stop, I pulled my feet up onto the bench than rubbed my cheeks against my jean-clad knees. Ian had stuck to his true nature he had made me feel as though I was stupid. I ran my finger through my hair and gripped it lightly growling in frustration as I remembered what had happened.

When Ian had pulled my face towards his and my eyes had fluttered closed I don’t know what I was expecting, but as I felt his breath on my face, my cheeks slowly began the familiar burning of a blush. The next thing I knew he had chuckled.

 “Did you actually think I was actually going to kiss you nerd?” he whispered in my ear.

I froze and my eyes shot open as the bell rung loud and clear in my ears. He just casually got up out of his seat and strolled away.

After that had happened the girls from my class had walked past me and said things. I didn’t really pay attention to what they had to say, I was sure it they were cruel words anyways, because I was shell shocked. I couldn’t believe I had stupidly let him tease me like that.

The rest of the day kind of flew by for me after that. Now I’m just sitting and waiting for the bus to come. I’m happy to be heading home so I can plan my way of avoiding Ian for the rest of my life. I know how to deal with the normal bullying, calling me names, tripping me, and messing up my locker and other stuff, but this kind of thing I don’t know how to deal with. I also don’t want to know how to deal with Ian either.

The bus pulled up and I clambered onto my feet and hurried onto the bus. I flashed my bus pass and rushed to the back of the bus through all the people. I gripped the iron pole and looked around the packed bus.

I always loved riding the bus. Most people probably don’t but it always has so many different people on it and I truly enjoy watching them or just simply looking. Sitting on the left of me is a little old woman knitting something. She looked sweet with her snow white tightly curled hair. Then there is the old man sitting next to her stealing little glances at her.

Looking around some, more I see something that surprises me. I’ve never seen someone like this person. A boy sat closer to the door of the bus bobbing his head to the music I assume he is listening to from his headphones. The thing that surprised me about him how much he stands out. I try to angle my body to get a better look at the boy.

He casually sits there with a hat that has profanity on it reading “Bitch!” with five piercings in his face. One of them is on the left side of his nose the other four are around his mouth, three of them are round the other seems to be a ring. He has a light skin tone with black floppy hair and a streak of dirty blond on the left side of his hair. His ears though defiantly throw me off. He had these plug type neon green things in his ears that stretch them bigger than a normal ear. I winced lightly and gingerly touched my own ear at the thought of my ears being stretched like that. The guy eventually looks up and I snap my head in the opposite direction, my face burns from the embarrassment of being caught staring.

The bus comes to a stop. People begin to pile out of the bus so I use this opportunity to take a sneaky glance at the boy again just to see he is gone. Sighing I cling tighter to the pole. He was probably the most interesting person I have seen to this day.

Where I come from, I have never seen someone that looks like that before. Looking up again, I check to make sure he is gone this time I notice that there was a green phone left on the seat. Without bothering to think about it, I make my way over to the phone and pick it up. I flip the phone over so the screen faces me. It seems to be a LG Rumor. It looks beaten and worn as if it has been dropped a few too many times.

I wondered if I should take it with me or hand it over to the bus driver.

When the bus came to a halt at my stop I opted to take the phone with me and return it when I saw him the next time, the sooner the better though. As I began my walk home, I heard the phone blast a loud sound of guitars playing and someone singing. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the phone unsure of what to do. The phone obviously wasn’t mine so I wasn’t all too keen on answering the call. So I decided to ignore it and shove it back in my pocket after turning down the volume. Once I begin to feel guilty for not answering the call I start reminding myself that would cause trouble for the owner and myself and a lot of awkwardness.

Making it home, I open my front door and lean in through the doorway.

“Mom, are you home?” I called into the seemingly empty home. When I received no reply, I prop the door wide open and stuck the doorstopper under the door. I stroll to my room and put down all my stuff. I then got started on my homework while I wait for either Rose to get home from work or my mom.

While I was working on my homework curiosity started to get the best of me as I felt the phone dig into my thigh. Maybe just a quick glance inside wouldn’t hurt. I pull said phone out of my pocket and set it on the floor in front of me. I have a staring match with the phone debating if I should look inside even though it such a violation of privacy. Curiosity killed the cat so maybe I shouldn’t. As I continue musing over the idea, I hear footsteps.

“Emily you home?” a familiar voice calls from the hallway.

“Yeah Rose I’m in my room!” I answer back still staring at the phone. I sigh and push the phone under my textbook before she walks into my room.

“Really Em! That freaks me out every time when you leave your door open like that. I always think someone busted in or something.” Rose walks into my room and stares down at me. I raise my eyes over my sliding glasses to look at her and smile.

“You know how my mom is. She thinks leaving the door open lets life into the house. It’s a habit for me anyways. I kind of like it, it makes the house feel bigger.” Rose just rolls her eyes and plops herself in front of me. We soon began to talk about random stuff; school, how she wanted me to stand up to everyone, the boys she thought were ‘hot’ and other stuff I just kind of laughed at.

“Rose, really you’re too much!” I laughed in shrieks of joy.

“Well it wasn’t my fault. If the guy didn’t try to feel up my ass, I wouldn’t have been startled and spilled a whole platter of food all over him. ” She smiled and spoke in a matter-of-fact tone using air quotes for startled. “ At least he got a free meal out of it, food and drinks included. Oh and that wasn’t even the worst-” all of a sudden in the middle of her talking the phone I had hidden under my textbook had gone off again. I jump slightly then put my hands on the textbook trying to hit some buttons on the phone to stop the noise without Rose knowing.

“What was that?” she questions me looking at me with suspicion “That wasn’t your ringtone I know because I changed it at lunch.” I tried to feign innocent of not knowing what she was talking about.

“What the fuck Ethan! I’ve called you hella times why didn’t you pick up?” I wanted to palm myself in the face. I accidently answered the phone. Rose eyeballs me so I sheepishly push the book off the phone so it’s in clear view.

“Oops?” I laugh nervously as the person on the phone continues to ramble about something and I snatch up the phone and hit the end button.

“Whose phone is that Emily?”

“Oh well you see I found it on the bus and I didn’t want someone to steal it so I took it to return to the owner the next time I saw them.” I replied awkwardly.

“Why don’t you just call the person’s house or something if you want to return it?” When she gives me that are-you-stupid look then gets a mischievous look in her eye. She reaches for the phone and I yank it out of her reach. I don’t like the look in her eye it always leads me into trouble. She tackles me so my back hits the carpeted floor, I stretch my arm and hand as far as I can over my while trying to squirm from under her. We soon began to wrestle for the phone rolling, grabbing, and screaming.

Rose wins in the end. I say it’s only because she is much taller than I am. I lay on the floor pouting as she sits on me with a smile of triumph. She slides the phone open and begins to scroll through the phone, she finds what she is looking for clicks some stuff, and I hear a dial tone.

“Hello?” my heart skips a beat at the silky voice that comes through the phone. The person seems to have some type of heavy accent. Rose shoves the phone towards my face.

“Hello?” the voice speaks again in confusion. I open and close my mouth like a fish trying to muster up some words to come through.

“Hi!” my voice gets unnaturally high pitched. “Well you see I don’t know who you are and of course you don’t know who I am but well you see I kind of found your phone and I wanted to return it but I don’t know where you are so of course I can’t come to you…” I continue to ramble barely stopping for a breath until I hear a deep laugh, one of those ones where it just stops you in your tracks just so you can listen to you, come from the phone.

“Slow down there love.” He still seems to be laughing when he says this “So you’re the one that found my phone. Thanks I’ve been looking for it. If you want I can come and get it.” I nod my head but then feel stupid when I realize he can’t see me.

“Yeah, sure umm.” I give him my address, he laughs a little when I trip over my words and I hear him mumble something about me being strange before he hangs up.

Rose and I just stare at each other after the call ends.

“Woe he sounds hot!” she grins sounding surprised. I agree but I don’t reply aloud.

“Hey do you even know what he looks like, since we are going to be looking out for him yea know.” I describe him to her and she seem thoughtful before she says that she will pass he doesn’t seem her type. Rose has high standards. I don’t even know what she is even looking for.

Time passes by and Rose and I end up making our way to the kitchen. I’m standing at the counter making peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches for us when I hear a knock on the door.

“Um come in!” I yell over my shoulder. I smash the pieces of bread together hand one over to Rose then make my way over to the arch that leads into the hallway. Rose wiggles her eyebrow suggestively with a straight face before giggling a little and cracking a smile.

I grab hold of the frame with one hand to peak past it only to see a black shirt in my vision. I squeak quietly and take a step back. The guy holds back a laugh that I can hear rumbling in his chest. I stare at him for a few seconds. Before I can process what is happening he snatches up my sandwich! I gasp and blink a few times in disbelief. He did not just take my food! Grumbling I stalk off to retrieve the phone from my room not at all happy about food being taken away from me.

As I arrive back, Rose and the boy are talking as if they were old friends, laughing, joking, and talking very animated. I slide into the seat closest to Rose then set the phone lightly on the table. As the phone touches the table, all focus is on me. The boy grins at me, grabs the phone, and sticks it in his pocket.

“Thanks umm. What’s your name? I don’t think you ever told me.” He relaxes back into the chair and toys with his lip ring. Rose gave me the right terms for his piercings after I had described him to her. Angel bites, snakebites, nose piercing, and gauges was all he had.

“Ah my name is Emily Waller but you can call me whatever you want like everyone else.” I reply in a hurry almost rushing my words together. I’ve never been good around new people especially boys for that matter. They are such a foreign species to me especially because my dad uses to be so protective that I had limited amounts of guy friends.

“Well Emily my name is Ethan Robinson.” He said while smiling and leaning his elbows on the table. We all began to talk well mostly Rose and Ethan but I contributed a little here and there. I learned that Ethan is Australian that where his accent came from, he is 19, and is working on becoming a tattoo artist right now.

We all talked some more before he left saying he was going to be late for class. Both Rose and I walked him to the door where he leaned over and kissed us both on the cheeks before rushing down the stairs. I leaned over the railing with my cheeks bright red from the kiss and saw him walk over to a beaten up green Jeep Wrangler. He turned around, looked up, waved, and made a jester of ‘call me’ before getting into the car and driving off.


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