Can I Be Your Superman?
Author: JessicaRose

Chapter 3
Chapter Three

Chapter 3

After we got Ian all cleaned and bandaged up my mom decided that he would sleep on the couch and I would heat him up some dinner. Walking into the kitchen after my mom left I searched around in the fridge for the dinner she had cooked earlier. Finding a plate with tin foil over it and my name I took it, stripped off the tin foil and stuck it in the microwave to heat. Looking out the entrance of the kitchen to check on Ian I saw he was sitting up with his back tucked in the corner of the couch staring in my direction.

“Umm I’m heating up some food for you it will be a minute I hope you don’t mind.” I said in a hurry while looking back at the microwave hoping he hadn’t notice the blush creeping onto my face. Hearing the microwave go off I rushed over and popped it open. Pulling the plate out I saw my mom had made grilled chicken, broccoli and mash potatoes. Looking at the potatoes my mouth watered a little, I just love things made of potatoes they are just amazing. Grabbing a knife and fork from the drawer next to me I made my way to the living room.
I sat the plate down on the coffee table in front of Ian before I sat myself on the floor across from him.

“If you don’t want this I can always make you something else.” I offered. He shook his head and mumbled a thank you. I just smiled and crossed my arms on the table before I put my head down and stared at the mash potatoes. ‘Gosh I wish my mom would have made extra.’ Deciding that I should probably grab us both something to drink I ventured back into the kitchen and retrieved two glasses of ice, a pitcher of water and a bottle of strawberry Fanta soda. Putting everything down on the table I slide a cup of ice towards him.

“Do you want water or soda?” I asked

“Water is fine.” Nodding my head I grabbed the pitcher and shakily poured him some water then filled my own cup with soda. I sipped on my drink before resuming my original position on the floor but this time I looked around the room in boredom recommitting the room’s layout to memory. This room was one of my favorite spots besides my room of course. The room contained one couch a lazy boy next to it, a coffee table that I was currently sitting in front of which was also situated in front of the couch that Ian sat on. We had a TV that was behind me but it didn’t have any cable we just used it to watch movies or play our games.
Looking back at Ian I took a quick glance at the plate once more. He was almost done but still hadn’t touched the mashed potatoes. Standing up I looked down on him

“It’s really late so you can stay the night and sleep on the couch. I’ll go get you some blankets and a pillow.” I rushed out of the room and made my way to the hall closet that held all of our spare blankets and pillows. Grasping a pillow I tucked it under my arm and then yanked a knitted quilt out of the stacks of blankets. When the tower teetered I leaned my side against the blankets and quickly closed the door while slipping out. I heard the blankets knock into the door smiling at my little accomplishment I strolled back to my guest who was casually lounging on my couch with his shoes neatly placed next to the couch and his whole body tucked onto the average sized couch. Because of his tallness his feet hung slightly over the armrest of the couch. He had to at least be 6’2 or 6’3 but then again I am kind of short so he could be shorter. I handed him the pillow and when he was situated I unfolded the quilt and covered him up.

“Thanks but I don’t need you babying me I’m capable of covering myself.” He added before rolling over to face the back of the couch I smiled sheepishly at his back and began to collect all the dishes was left over from his dinner. When I reached for the plate I saw that he hadn’t touched the mash potatoes.

“Are you done eat?” I asked in slight confusion

“Hn. You can have what is left.” He mumbled into the couch. Beaming I whispered a small thank you before I took a hold of the fork he had previously used a gobbled down the food. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until I started eating but deciding it was too late to be making more food I settled for what I had just consumed. After finishing the little food I had ate I continued cleaning up and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes before going to sleep. On my trip to my room I glanced at Ian one more time I noticed he was fast asleep from seeing him relaxed and hearing his light snores.

When the morning came and I was stumbling down the stairs to get breakfast ready for my family I saw Ian on the couch and everything that had happened last night came crashing down on me. I didn’t know what to think of Ian and I didn’t know what to think of this situation so I thought it was best I just let the pieces fall where they want. Walking into the kitchen I got started with cooking by making scrambled eggs, sausage patties and pancakes, this probably took me a total of 30 minutes to complete and I was proud of my accomplishment. Heading upstairs to my mom’s room I knocked lightly on her door before opening it and seeing her already dressed in her scrubs. She turned around and continued brushing her hair.

“Morning Sweetie!” My exclaimed with happiness. “You wouldn’t mind grabbing Maddi while I finish getting ready?” she said then eyed the crib on the other side of the room. Nodding I went and retrieved my baby sister who was already awake, cleaned, and dressed. Madison’s dark brown hair was tied into two small low pigtails and she was dressed in a light green summer dress. She bounced up and down hold into the railing for support waiting for someone to get her out.

“Morning Madison, aren’t you looking cute today.” I cooed at her. Madison giggled happily then looked up at me and shrieked out her interpretation of my name then slammed her hands into my face. I laughed and kissed her little hands then picked her up and walked to the kitchen. I got her all settled in her high chair with a little bit of everything I made. I put together two more plates one for my mom and Ian. After I finished all that I walked into the living room to wake up Ian. I shook him lightly while calling his name. I watched as his’ eyes squeezed together before the snapped open and he jerked up into a sitting position. I saw a shocked look on his face before he masked it back into his usual blank face.

“I made breakfast I already set a plate out for you.” I let him know softly. He stood from his sitting position and stared down at me. We both stood there me looking at the floor and him staring at something. It felt like I was standing there forever so I decided it was time I scurried off to get ready for school. Grabbing all my necessities I rushed to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. Feeling very self-conscious with the fact that a male was in my home I locked the door before turning the shower on, stripping and jumping in. As I felt the lukewarm water hit my skin I heard my mom yelled that she was leaving to work and to drop Maddi off at daycare.

When I was finished getting ready which probably took me at the max fifteen minutes I rushed downstairs feeling bad for leaving Ian by himself. Getting downstairs I searched around for him soon it finally dawned on me that he had left. Feeling a little relieved that he didn’t wait for me; I grabbed a granola bar out of the bowl on the counter before jetting out the door after seeing I had thirty minutes to get to school.

As I got to school I went directly to my locker to swap out the stuff from my bag. I grabbed “To Kill a Mockingbird” for my first class of the day which was English as well as my notebooks for my next 4 classes. Closing my locker I saw Jenny and Roselyn standing next to me.

“Morning! How are you this morning?” I grinned at them.

“Oh me I’m fine Em. How is Ian? I saw him leaving your apartment this morning.” Rose replied with a mischievous tone. I sighed then began to tell them both what had happened last night and this morning. Of course I left out the whole thing about the girls taking my money. When I finished my story Jenny furrowed her brows

“Isn’t that a little rude of him to just up and leave after you helped him? He even left without even saying thank you.” she questioned. Rose seemed thoughtful

“From what I remember he isn’t all that bad. He may just say thank you today or something. Anyways I bet he just had to get home is all.” She stressed the word ‘that’ as she defended Ian.

“Yeah I guess but I’m kind of happy that he left without saying anything. The only reason I even approached him was because of my mom and you know how I hate fighting.” I answered back truthfully. Rose rolled her eyes playfully before reaching over and giving me and Jenny a hug.

“Got to go to my locker I’ll see you two at lunch.” She stated before strutting off to her locker which was on the opposite end of the school from mine. I shook my head at her back.

“Come on Jenny I’ll walk you to your class.” I smiled linking arms with Jenny and dragging her off to her French class.

“Ah wait Emily my class is pretty far from yours are you sure?” She hesitated. I just patted her long black hair before continuing on to her class. When we go there the one minute bell went off. I swore under my breath, gave Jenny a hug then sped walked to my class taking two steps at a time heading upstairs. As I turned the corner I felt a shove on my back which sent me teetering forward into the garbage can that was set against the wall. I heard cackles from all around me as I pulled myself out of the trash can. I thanked the janitors silently for changing the lining or else I would have a lot of gunk in my hair. I rubbed lightly under my ribs where I felt slight throbbing.

“Great that probably going to turn into a bruise later.” I muttered under my breath. Walking through the door to my English class my teacher Mrs. Chives gave me a pointed look. With saying anything I took my seat in the front of the class. Crossing my arms on the desk I buried my face in my arms. I could feel that this was going to be a long day.
As I went through my classes the bullying was mild because I was dealing with, sophomores, teens my own age. The class I have before lunch was always the worst Pre-Cal. I was put into a higher class because I was really good a math and my mom and dad always told me to challenge myself academically that is. Pre-Cal was the worst class because I was the only sophomore the rest were seniors and they didn’t exactly like me “Showing Off” as they put it. So the picked on me with no mercy and now I had to adjust to sitting in the back and have people flock around Ian while having them in my personal space not that they care.

I went to my locker grabbed my Pre-Cal then went into the class right across from my locker, which was the only good thing about this class. As soon as I walked in I felt eyes on me. Going directly to my seat but as I went to sit down I felt the chair be pulled right from under me. Wincing when my tail bone hit the floor I scrunched up my face in pain. Opening my eyes I readjusted my glasses looking up I heard a deep chuckle from my right, gulping lightly my eyes met those blue-green eyes that I was hoping not to see today. He had a twinkle of mirth and sympathy in his eyes when he saw me try to shrink away from his gaze.

Standing up I brushed myself off pulled chair back towards my desk this time I gripped the chair tightly as I sat down. Picking up my backpack I put it on the desk and pulled out a pencil and notebook. Looking around I notice the teacher still hasn’t showed up so I put my head down and waited it out. When I heard Ian start talking about his fight last night I peeked over my arm to see who he was talking to. Ah Simon Farran someone I can truthful say is a nice person. He never bullied me and had actually helped me pick up my fallen papers after being shoved by some older boys.

I could never fully comprehend why he was best friends with someone that was so different than him but then I never understood Roselyn’s friendship with me either. Simon was an attractive person: tall; possibly 6 feet tall he stood a little shorter than Ian, athletic; He is the captain of the soccer team, and smart I bet. Simon and Ian were both at the top of the high school food chain you mess with them the whole school could be after you in minutes. Ian being just a bit higher up on that chain because he was single while as Simon was dating Lexi Asner.

I noticed that Ian was getting to the end of his story so I brought myself out of my thoughts to listen.

“After kicking Pickler ass I ended up at some random chick’s house she fixed me up and then shit went down.” The boys around him hooted and wolf whistled while the girls looked slightly jealous. I wasn’t sure if I should feel offended that he didn’t say I helped him or grateful I knew I should probably feel the latter because it could get me some serious bad attention especially from the girls and the hormonal boys if he did say I helped him.

“Alright settled down class! I had a meeting that lasted a little longer than needed.” Ms. Piccadilly demanded.

Everyone scurried off to their seats. Class resumed back to normal so I sat up removed my backpack from my desk and diligently took notes. Ms. Piccadilly had a system she taught and lectured for the first fifteen to twenty minutes of class the remaining thirty to thirty-five minutes she makes us work with the people around us to work on our homework or come up to her for help. I normally finished it all and then my paper would be ripped out of my hands by the person next to me who straight copied my work.

Finally that time came when we were to work on our homework no one but Ian and I sat in the back and I don’t think Ian wants to work with me. Sighing I opened my textbook, flipped to a clean page and got to work right away.

I looked at the last problem and stared at it for a while trying to recall how to work it out. Putting my pencil down I started writing the question and problem down when I got to the end of the line my hand bumped into something. Puzzled I looked down and saw one clear word in neat handwriting on the margin of my paper ‘Hey’. I leaned close to my notebook to hide my blush and flipped my pencil over to erase it before going back to my work. Before I knew what happened I felt someone twist their fingers in my hair and yanking hard enough to turn my head but not hard enough to were I’m howling in pain. I looked at Ian but it was kind of hard because he was half blurred and clear since my glasses had slide down my face.

“You know it’s not nice to ignore people.” He stated. He let go of his grip on my hair but twirled strands of hair around his finger playing with it casually staring at me. I did the only thing I know how to do in situations like this, not that I’ve been in situations like this. I blushed heavily opening and closing my mouth trying to reply.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled while I shifted my body to face him. He just leaned his head into his open hand. I reached up with my left hand and pushed my glasses up now being able to see him clearly I saw that he had his right elbow on the desk and his head in hand as if he was looking at me sideways.

“Is there something I can help you with Ian?” I asked while shifting around uncomfortable with this whole position. I think that is probably the first time I ever let his name slip past my lips and it sounded almost like a foreign word to me.

“Actually yeah you can.” Leaning towards me he tugged my hair pulling me towards his face we were inches apart when my eyes fluttered closed.


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