Can I Be Your Superman?
Author: JessicaRose

Chapter 2
Chapter Two

As I heard Jenny softly call my name to gain my attention I shifted to look at her when I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder the look on both Jenny and Rose’s face let me know I was in deep shit.

Turning around I looked at the person who had rested their hand on my shoulder. ‘Shit I can’t believe I thought I was going to be able to run away from this.’ “Umm is there something I can help you with?” I spoke out loud in slight confusion.

“Hey loser did you really think you could get away with hurting Ian? Because if so you’re in for it.” One of my usual guy tormentors said as he squeezed my shoulder pulling me up from my seat.

“Wait…but…”I sputtered. I watched in horror as someone handed something and he slammed the item onto my hair. I let out a little shriek then twisted out of his grip and began to pull the spaghetti noodles out of my hair.

“Yo Matt chill you didn’t need to do that to her it was just an accident.” came the velvety voice I had expected earlier.

“Dude, Ian was just teaching the nerd a lesson for messing with you.” As they went back and forth I saw Rose, out of the corner of my eye, grab a hand full of mash potatoes then launched them at the big meaty guy. After that a food fight slowly came to that filled the room with flying food screeches of terror and playfulness. Not wanting anymore food to accumulate in my hair I got down crawled to Rose and Jenny yanking them down, we crawled to an exit.

I went about my day like I didn’t clearly smell of spaghetti was hard. A lot of people laughed at me but that’s alright because no one physically did anything to me and that’s the best it gets for me.

After school while I was waiting for the bus some girls from my school came up to me. I knew what they wanted because this was a normal occurrence. “Hey Emi!” one of the girls spat the words at me.

“Yea, Hey Em why don’t you come with us we wanna talk to you.” Another girl sneered and grabbed my arm and dragged me to the side of the school building. A red head shoved me against the wall.

“Alright Waller cough it up.” She shoved her hand into my face. I reached into my pockets and pulled out all my money and putting it into her palm. The red head counted the money then shoved it into her pocket before grabbing me by the hair tightly. I gritted my teeth and she got into my face

“Next time bring more money bitch.” Before she threw me down and landed a good kick to my stomach. I looked up into their hateful eyes as they walked off cackling like witches.

I don’t know how long I laid there before I got up and limped home in the darkening afternoon. I lived a good distance away from the school and I’d be walking for at least 20 minutes before I was at home also my phone was sadly dead in my bag so no rides for me. I knew I should have charged it last night but I was just too lazy and now my mom was probably extremely worried. Walking out the gates of the school and through the park I used as a short cut, I heard some voices coming from forest like area, it wasn’t really a forest just had a good amount of trees to hide in. I just continued walking not caring enough to go over there and check it out. I bet it was just some drunks getting into an argument. As I strolled by the place the shouting sounded its loudest, two boys came tumbling out of bushes struggling against each other.

Unsure of what to do I slide behind the jungle gym equipment and watched them until I figured what to do. The two boys continued to fight throwing punches at each other from what I can see under the tall lamp’s light was they were both pretty beat up but the one with brown hair seemed to be winning and the black haired kid was about collapse.
The brown haired fighter looked vaguely familiar but I was feeling bad for the other fighter so I ran out of my hiding spot and let out a high pitched scream. Both boys jumped apart with shocked looks on their face before snapping their heads in my direction. Blushing from my boldness and being stared down by two males, I opened my mouth to speak but the black haired kid beat me to it

“What the hell are you doing?” jumping at the deepness of his voice

“Umm well you see I thought you needed help and I think well fighting is bad and oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” gosh I hated when I tripped over my words. In an attempt to hide my discomfort from the dark haired male I looked over in the direction of the familiar teen who I notice had a look of smugness on his face and in that second I realized who the person was, Ian Fulton, I how could I have not guessed.

“You heard girly here, I was kicking your ass.” My eyes widen a bit when the black haired teen stalked towards me glaring down at me.

“You don’t know shit bitch I would have kicked his ass.” Being terrified I took a step back and blubbered in an attempt to explain but when we both heard a scoff from Ian the black haired guy had enough and launched himself at him. They both threw punches at each other before they were both worn and badly hurt. The black haired one growled holding his side and panting

“Fuck you dude we will finish this another day.” He turned at tried to walk away without limping.

After he was gone Ian crumpled to the floor in a grunt of pain and clung to his ankle. Cautiously I walked up to him and crouched down to where we were face to face

“Umm are you alright?” tilting my head a bit I squinted my eyes and evaluated how badly he was hurt. He had a busted lip and a few scratches littered his face and neck it also looked like he was bleeding from the forehead can’t forget he possibly might have a badly sprained ankle after the black hair male and tackled him.

“Yeah I’m fine now get out of my face.” He snapped at me. Scooting away from him we started at each other before I stood looking at him

“Do you need so help?” I ask quietly

“No” flinching slightly from his harsh tone I slowly started to walk away hoping he would be okay. I didn’t get very far before I heard a thud and then him curse. Thinking about what my mom always told me ‘Always help someone in need enemy, stranger, friend it doesn’t matter always try to help.’

Sucking in a deep breath I turned around and marched back to him. I stuck my hand out in front of his face without out saying anything. He just looked at my hand then up at me with eyes full of anger but a hint of confusion.

“What do you want? I thought I said to go away! ” He exclaimed in anger.

“My mom always told me to help no matter what so here come one take my hand. My mom is a nurse she can fix you up if you want.” I offered. He stayed quiet so I slowly started to pull my hand back and after it was back at my side I heard him grunt a “fine.”

Feeling a slight giddiness I squatted down so I could help him stand, he put his arm over my shoulder and I rested one arm on his waist and the other on the forearm of the arm he had draped around my neck. He shifted most of his weight on me, I blushed lightly from being so close to a boy but shook my head ‘Now is not the time to be all nervous Emily he hurt you have to get him home.’ After we both were situated we began our long quiet and awkward walk home.

After walking for a while in silence he spoke “What are you doing out so late?”My shoulders got a bit stiff and I bet he knew as well so I just shrugged and tried to relax again.

“Girls shouldn’t be wandering the streets at such a late hour don’t you think.” I once again shrugged my shoulders but this time I turned my head to look and him and said

“Things happen. Anyways what were you doing out so late and fighting?” he laughed

“Asshole picked a fight with me when I was going home.” Nodding my head I realized we were in front of my apartment building. When we got to the elevator I heard him say

“Ian Fulton. My name is Ian Fulton.” I looked up at him a little shocked not expecting him to try and keep a conversation going. We got to my apartment and I unlocked the door while he leaned against the wall. I helped him inside flicking on lights as I made my way to the living room. My mom must have heard me come in because she came running down stairs with a worried look on her face.

“Hey Mom” I said sheepishly. She ran over and gave me a hug while hugging me I think she realized we had company and that he was hurt.

“Oh hunny who is this?” she walked directly over to him after asking me and went into inspecting him.

“His name is Ian and he got hurt I was hoping you could maybe fix him up he got into a fight. I know its late sorry mom ill explain more later.” She just nodded and reached under the couch for the first aid and told me to get started on cleaning him up while she went to get him something to eat and drink. I sat next to him grabbing a cotton ball and soaked it with rubbing alcohol. I started with his lip since it looked the worse, dabbing at it he hissed I looked up into his eyes.

“My name is Emily Waller.”


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