Can I Be Your Superman?
Author: JessicaRose

Chapter 1
Chapter One

Chapter One:
New Seats Aren’t My Thing

Have you ever been put into a situation you just couldn’t get yourself out of? I have. My name is Emily Waller and today I got blamed for something I didn’t do and couldn’t convince anyone I didn’t do it. This was the start of something I truly didn’t want.
“Miss Waller I am appalled by the writing you have put all over your desk.” Ms. Piccadilly said in her heavy British accent.


“Miss Waller! You may be new here but I don’t appreciate your making up excuses. Until further notice you will sit in the back next to Mr. Fulton.” when she said that my whole body went ridged at the name that was said. Ian Fulton someone I’d prefer not to associate with. Why? Well from what I heard in the 2 months I have been here is that he has a bad rep that just got worse as the days went on: playboy, got into fights, skipped school, and smoked. He was beautiful creature to say the least but he scared me with his piercing blue-green eyes that send a shiver down my spine as he glared at me and his cold uninterested vibe he gave off with potency. I knew this wasn’t going to go well for me.

The classroom was set up with stadium like seats so everyone had a good view of me being scolded by the teacher. So when I heard the snickers as I stiffly climbed the steps to my new seat, I wasn’t surprised. Placing my stuff gently on the desk to the left, of Ian I slide into my seat and stared down at the desk, trying not to make eye contact while class resumed.

Sighing as I lifted my head and pushing my black square glasses back up, I looked around the room and thought about how I even got here. My mom had a messy divorce with my father resulting in us moving and her having sole custody of my baby sister, Madison, and I. I thought switching schools wouldn’t be that bad but coming to West Valley High I thought differently. I came into this school about a month into my sophomore year; I was immediately labeled an outcast, someone to pick on just because I had a rough time fitting in since I was new.

Now don’t get me wrong I have friends Roselyn and Jenny are the best things that have happened to me ever since I moved here. They have helped me out since I have gotten here; Roselyn lived in the apartment next to my family and had brought over some homemade cookies as a housewarming gift. Jenny and I met on my first day when I was hopelessly lost she kindly led me to my first period English class. When the bell gave off a shrill ring my thoughts were cut short. Leaping out of my seat in a hurry the top of my head hit something solid before I heard a howl of pain and a string of curse words coming from my right.

“Fuckin’ shit!” looking up through my eyelashes and glasses my eyes widened a fraction when I realized I had bumped my head into Ian’s chin as we both stood up. Collecting my stuff quickly I throwing out and apology and tried to dash out of the class, running down the steps someone stuck out their foot causing me to tumble down the next few steps. My eyes watered slightly as my back it the flat floor. I heard laughing and comments of my “klutziness” as I took a deep breath to hold back the tears and walked out.

This was a common occurrence I always told myself not to cry no matter how much I got hurt or how much they treated me like crap. I’ve never been confrontational so I never stood up to them and I don’t plan on it, I just hope they stop if I ignore them enough. Going into the girls’ bathroom I went directly to the sink removed my glasses and set them next to the faucet. Splashing water on my face to cool my face off that was hot from embarrassment I looked up into the mirror staring back at me was a blob color replacing my glasses back on my face as I continued to stare, staring back at me was a girl with pale skin, dusted brown freckles across her nose and glasses that hid away her dull gray eyes. I truly have no problem with the way I look just sometimes I feel so ugly; sometimes I let those girls’ words get to me. Especially Lexi, the school Queen Bee, she was so beautiful and I felt so ugly when she looked down on me like I was
the most disgusting thing that she has seen.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear right? Well just my luck. Lexi comes strolling into the bathroom with her 3 crones sauntering in after her. She didn’t even have to say anything to me to make me walk briskly out of the bathroom. Before walking out I took one quick glance at her. She had to be at least 5’8 she was model pretty with her golden blonde hair. Walking to the cafeteria I found Jenny and Roselyn when the latter yelled my name from the doors of the cafeteria. Walking up to them Roselyn linked arms with both me and Jenny as she strolled into cafeteria.

I never understood why Rose liked me so much. She was strikingly lovely, people loved her and she was popular amongst the student population. She could talk to whoever she wanted to and make boys and men fall at her feet with her look. Every time I see her I’m in awe, she had nice natural tan skin, glossy blue eyes straight nose, pouty lips and shiny honey brown waist length hair that was wavy.

“Take a picture Emi it’ll last longer” Roselyn said then giggled, blushing lightly I turned my face towards Jenny as we sat down at our normal seat next to the giant glass windows. I sighed and leaned my head against the window watching as my two closest friends talked. Looking outside I made eye contact with those terrifying blue-green eyes he glared at me with a scowl on his face before he stood up and walked towards the entrance to the cafeteria. As a tremor of fear went through me I looked up at the blue sky wondering why this was happening to me. I heard Jenny softly call my name to gain my attention. I shifted to look at her when I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder. The look on both Jenny and Rose’s face let me know I was in deep shit.


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