Young & Foolish
Author: Jameyy Munroe

Chapter 0

Homes are rather bizarre places. You think you know the people who occupy see the cheap, tacky trinkets and ominously sweet ornaments they surround themselves with. And you think to think they're somewhat normal. I guess the lesson to be learnt here, is appearances can be incredibly deceptive. All was quiet. Golden sunlight spilled into the dark corners of the small room through the battered Venetian blinds. Its' rays captured particles of dust in a fleeting grasp as the still air was gently disturbed by the fluttering of a moths delicate wings. It took flight, through the small gap in the open window. Then silence and stillness fell once more. The trinkets and ornaments of previous owners littered every flat surface, gleaming proudly like stars in the otherwise dull room. They stood, waiting. Waiting for the next generation to come; to dust them; clean them; admire them; and in turn, leave their own little trinkets and treasures to accompany the older ones and welcome the newer ones. Without them, the little bungalow wouldn't feel half as much like home as it did for all the awkward teens that had lived there over the years since it'd been turned into one of the many dormitories in the new university. Homes are rather bizarre places. You think you know the people who occupy them..sometimes you do, but most times you don't.



*Tell me if you think it's worth writing anymore :D*


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