Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 31

2 hours later

*Smitty wipes the sweat off his head and stands back admiring his work*

Angie: Ooh! That looks good Mister!

Freddy: And its a good idea! A makeshift alarm system! I gotta say brother, I'm MOST surprised!

Smitty: Yeah, when the assmouths DO find this place, these cans here will clank. When the cans clank, we should have about 5 or so seconds to get out here and fight. The noise alerts these freaks, so that means MORE will come when some get caught. It also means we will have to place a two man team at every perimeter point.

*Smitty looks around*

Where are the men? I notice I didn't see any on the initial walkthrough...

Freddy: I can't give you any men. But, take the women! They are more than capable!

Smitty: Whats wrong with the men? Sick, scared...?!

Angie: And whats wrong wit the women? Dis woman just saved yo life!

Smitty: Fine, I'll take the women. I'll need about 6. Two per every near side perimeter. Where are your weapons?

*Freddy and Angie both look at eachother*

Freddy: See...about a week ago, we traded most of them for access to this church...

Smitty: I hope you won't tell me that the men were also on the trade list...?

*Freddy and Angie look at each other again*

See...we had to trade the men for food so that we could eat.

Smitty: Shit! Damn...hmm...then what do you HAVE?

Angie: Well, you saw mah shotgun...

Smitty: Really?!

Angie: They said it was too old to take...

Smitty: Well then...I guess we'll just haveta go to plan B...

Freddy: Whats "Plan B"?

Smitty: Angie and I will go get the men back.

Freddy: Angie? Why her? Why not-?

Angie: Its cool pastor! I-

Smitty: I've seen her in action. I trust her. She saved my ass back there...pardon my language. I'd need someone like her to watch my back.

Freddy: I understand that...but shes also the BEST fighter WE have here!

Smitty: And you tried to give me those random women?

Freddy: Since WE have to stay here, it would be good if we had-

Smitty: Listen REV! If you paired one fighter with one non-combatant, then you atleast have HALF a chance of living. With me taking Angie, We can get in and get out FAST! The other women need YOU! I mean, why you think there so many single ladies in the Lord's house?

Freddy: Fair enough. But you be safe!

Smitty: Yeah! You too padre! I know you know how to survive. You made it this far. I'll be back for yall with the other men!

Smitty extends his hand out, and Freddy shakes it.

May God bless you, brother!

Smitty: Yeah...


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