Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 30
To the Altar


Freddy: The men are doing what the lord has commanded us to do. Be fruitful and multiply.

[Inside the building, its actually the chapel. Its one big orgy going on all over the church. People are having sex all over the room....]


*Freddy starts to take his shirt off*

People are so predictable...You judge us because we do what the lord has told us to do. To you, WE are the crazy ones. But then again, people like you are also why this room exists. To see things our way, you have to get all of your carnal desires out of the way. Then you will have more room for Godliness!

*Freddy tries to touch Smitty*

Smitty: You crazy BASTARD! You and this...this GOD DAMN freak show!

*Freddy grabs Smitty and shakes him. Smitty wakes up from his daydream*

Brother Smitty! Brother SMITTY! You coming in or not?

[Smitty shakes his head to shake off his daydream. He then peaks into the building that Freddy just unlocked. Much to his surprise, its just a chapel. A wonderfully huge chapel with about 13 rows of bleachers on each side. Directly in the middle is a hanging replica of Jesus on the cross, but Jesus seems to have a smile on his face....]

Freddy: You looked shocked Brother Smith! What did you expect?

Smitty: Honestly? I thought you had some kinda re-population orgy going on in here.

Freddy: Ha, only on Thursdays brother.

Smitty: Heh. A priest with a sense of humor...

Freddy: I been meaning to ask you...

[Freddy walks over to the bleachers closest to the pulpit and kneels down in preparation to pray...]

Are you a soldier?

Smith: Yeah, or atleast I was. A 2nd lieutenant in the Army.

Freddy: I saw your shirt and pants and boots. At first I thought you were just some homeless man who stole an outfit off a dead soldier, seeing as its all beat up and stuff.

Smith: I've been out there for the last couple weeks. Its hell out there. Its like...your worst nightmare.

Freddy: Ironically, Hell is my worst nightmare....

Smith: Yeah, they ripped off my ACU top, and gave me this gnarly scar...

*Smitty points up to his left eyebrow*

Freddy: I'll look at it in a minute. I hope you don't mind. I'm about to pray. You can leave if you want to. I know you don't really care for this stuff...

Smitty: Its...good. Its nice to have another male to talk to. My best friend, as well as my soldier and a love interest of mine were all killed today right before I got here.

Freddy: Sounds like you should be down here instead of me...

Smitty: Naw, but you go ahead and do your thing...

[Freddy puts his hands together in a prayer motion and puts his head on his hands...]

Holy Father in Heaven! I come before you today, seeking guidance. Lord, I fall in reverence to your awesome power! I come before you today Lord Jesus to ask you a very simple question: WHY?! WHY GOD WHY?! WHY DID YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

*Freddy pounds the ground in anger*

You said you would never LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US! BUT YOU turned your BACK on us God! WHY?! WHY DID YOU LET THEM GET MARIA AND JOSEPH!? WHY? I know I could never understand why you do the things you do, but they were MY FAMILY! MY WIFE! MY SON! GOD! WHY?!

[Freddy starts to bawl while pounding the ground. Smitty can't help but let out a solitary tear in sympathy as he hears Freddy's passionate cries of anguish...]

BUT THROUGH IT ALL...I REALIZE...I can't be mad at your Lord! You saved my life. And now you're allowing me to save others from that night. Just Lord...I ask simply that you give me the instructions and strength to go on. Give me the knowledge to lead these people, and just tell me what I have to do. Thats all Father...

[Freddy sighs and stands up. He then wipes his eyes and turns around and looks at Smitty...]

Its you brother. God wants you to help us fortify our defenses. He also said to tell you that what you lost earlier, is not lost at all, but simply waiting for you to go get it. He also don't be afaid. Hes called you to lead...and to step out of...someone's shadow. Boyd or something?

*Smitty runs to Freddy*


Freddy: I just heard the name. I don't know him. But whoever he is, you need to learn to lead without living in his shadow.

Smitty: Parlor trick. Nice try though. We better get to working on a defense plan. Itll be night before long. The “hungers” as you call em, will be harder to kill if we cant see them. But...if you've got cans ans string...


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