Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 29
Light of the World Missionary Baptist Church

NOW at Light of the World Missionary Baptist Church

[Angie comes back out of the church with a rather athletic look man in a dress suit...]

Angie: And hes-

Man: Well Hello there!

Smitty: Hey!

*The man puts his hand out*

Man: My name's Freddy. Freddy Jackson. And you are?

Smitty: Smith.

Freddy: Thats it?

Smith: You can call me Smitty if you like, but thats about it.

Freddy: Well Smitty, I wanna welcome ya to our little survivor encampment.

*Smitty looks around*


Freddy: Hey, thats what the Lord said to do.

Smitty: Really? God said that. Did he tell you this was gonna happen too?

Freddy: Well, the Bible says-

Smitty: I'm sorry Angie, but I didn't mean to intrude. I dunno why I came here...really...

Angie: Pastor Freddy...do ya think its a good time to be quotin' scripture? REALLY? Especially with that whole “Jesus Syndrome” going around...Hes prolly not having a good time of it all.

Freddy: You're right. I'm sorry brother Smith...if I came on too strong. I just...I wish we still had something to believe in.

Smitty: I thought you believed in the Lord?

Freddy: I do...or did, till the world ended. Heck, I aint even a preacher. These people just needed a leader. They had been through so much. Someone had to step up.

Smitty: NOW we can talk. Sorry about earlier...me and God...not on good terms. And after all this, I'm pretty sure if he does exist, He'd need an emergency ladder to save me.

Freddy: Well, hes always waiting....but I digress. Let me show you around the compound.

Smitty: Ok.

Angie: Can I come too?

Freddy: Stay back with the “sisters”. They said they had some laundry that needed to be done. After that, go make sure the food is prepared...ok?

Angie: Ok Pastor Freddy!

*Angie runs over to a group of women sorting clothes*

Freddy: Alright, follow me.

Smitty: So...what kinda security do you have in place around here?

Freddy: Security? I hate to sound crazy, but...we don't need it. Those demons wouldn't DARE come here!

Smitty: What makes you so sure?

Freddy: Because they're stupid. They haven't found us yet because the Lord fights our battles!

Smitty: That might work for you, but I think you might need to fortify your base. Where are all the men? All I've seen since we started walking is females...

Freddy: Oh, I can assure you, all the males are doing what the lord wants them to.

Smitty: And...whats that?

Freddy: I'll tell you when we cross that bridge. Look here! This is our gymnasium! We have a state of the art training center for physical fitness.

Smitty: Its interesting, really. But-

Freddy: And across the street is our library! Its got a lot of things to take the brother's and sister's minds off our current state of affairs.

Smitty: LISTEN! I realize that you got some nice distractions, but THIS IS REAL! There are some DAMN freaks who would like NOTHING better than take a bite out of everyone of us. You THINK YOU'RE SAFE?!

Freddy: Brother Smitty, I'm going to have to ask you to calm down, or I'll have to put you out of our camp. Understand?

*Smitty sighs*

Ok...I'm sorry...

Freddy: I know how you feel brother, believe me. But rest assured brother, we are safe. We have “preparations” in place. So would you like to see our pride and joy?

Smitty: Yeah...I guess...

[The two men come up to an enormous building with a dome on the top. The doors have chains on the handles and the windows are barred off...]

Smitty: Please TELL ME you don't have those things in there!

Freddy: NO brother! Remember earlier you asked me where the men all were?

Smitty: yeah...

[Freddy pulls some keys out of his pocket and takes the padlock off the door. He carefully moves the chains off one side of the door and lets them dangle to the other. Then he opens the door. Smitty's eyes widen in horror...]


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