Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 12
Can't keep it down

The next day, Katie glances at me and looks as if to say, "Have you told anyone?" I shake my head and she smiles. I bite my lip, not knowing whether that's a good thing or not. She looks even worse today. She has big circles under her eyes and her lips are white. She's scraped her hair back into a lank pony tail which hangs limp and lifeless down her back. At break time, I ask her if she has eaten.
"I never eat breakfast", she says, "But I'll try at lunch".
I smile at her but inside I know she is just saying that to please me. If she has been like this for more than 5 months, a little talk with me isn't going to change her.
When the lunch bell rings, Hannah comes up to me.
"Look Sum, we like you and everything but we can't stand that girl you hang around with. She is like, so weird. You can sit with us at lunch, but not her".
Anger suddenly builds up inside me and I snap, taking Hannah by surprise.
"You have no bloody idea what your talking about. She isn't weird and your very ignorant to think so. Don't tell me who I can and can't sit with, you don't own me. So why don't you do everyone a favour and piss off with Danni and leave me and Katie alone".
Hannah looks shocked and then after a few seconds says, "Fine. If that's how you want to be", and walks off in the other direction.
I take a deep breath and lean against the wall. That sudden outburst has taken a lot out of me. I never normally lose my temper like that, but when I do, you know about it. My mum says I take after my Dad who had a really quick temper but I hate being reminded of that.
I make my way towards the lunch hall and look around for Katie. I can't see her so I sit down at our normal table. I can't help feeling embarrassed when Hannah and Danni come in and sit down at another table, looking at me like I'm such a sad loser. I wonder if Katie isn't going to come after all and leave me on my own. But a few minutes later, I see her come into the hall and walk over to me.
"Sorry I'm late", she pants, "I had to do my 10 laps first".
"Don't worry", I say looking over at Hannah and Danni who quickly turn away.
I'm already half way through my bag of crisps and offer Katie one but she shakes her head, producing a banana out of her bag.
"Is that all you have?" I ask her.
"Trust me, it's enough at 56 calories. If I do another 10 laps after, I might just have burnt it off".
I shake my head sadly at the warped way of thinking Katie has herself caught in. Slowly peeling the banana, Katie takes a tiny bite, chewing it slowly. It's like watching a baby eat. She is constantly looking around, seeing if people are watching her. She is in her own little world as she takes another bite, chewing and chewing. She covers her mouth when she swallows. I try not to stare but it's so hard not to shove the whole thing in her mouth, telling her over and over again that she isn't fat. She is thin, too thin. But I know it won't get me anywhere so I sit back, watching her until she has finished. she leans back and puts her hands on her tummy like she has just eaten a huge meal.
"Well done", I say, smiling at her because although it seems like a small thing to other people, it's obviously a big thing to Katie, who looks scared and fidgety.
"I shouldn't", she whispers, putting her head in her hands, "I shouldn't have given in. I'm so greedy and disgusting".
"Katie, your not. All you have had is a banana, it isn't going to make you fat. I promise".
But she isn't listening. "I have to go", she says, standing up.
"Katie, don't do it", I plead but she is already walking away.
I don't have to think twice to know where she is going.


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