Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 5
Signs and Symptoms

When Katie comes into form the next day, she has her hand over her face. She stays like that for best part of an hour, muffling 'here' when her name is called in the register. When the bell goes, everyone rushes off, apart from me and Katie.
I go over to her and gently put my hand on her shoulder. I can feel her pronouncing shoulder blade through the blazer material and quickly take it off.
"Katie, what's the matter?"
She takes her hand away from her face and I see two big spots, one on her nose and one on her cheek. Looking at her face close up, I see its a weird yellowish colour and her cheek bones stick alarmingly out from underneath.
"Katie, they aren't that bad. Everyone gets them through puberty, see", I say pointing to one on my cheek.
She shakes her head and then almost in tears says, "You don't understand, I'm just getting more and more spots, and my hair..." She trails off. I look at her long blonde hair which has always looked gorgeous and shiny. But up close it looks lanky and greasy and very, very thin.
I swallow, trying not to think the obvious that all these signs are pointing to.
"Look Katie, your really pretty but your so thin. You do eat don't you?"
Katie looks up at me, startled, "Of course, why wouldn't I?" she snaps a little too quickly.
I sigh, there's obviously no point in perusing this conversation so I give her a little pat on the back and pick up my bag.
"I'll meet you at lunch?" I ask but Katie shakes her head.
"I can't, I have signed up for girls aerobics on Thursday, sorry".
"No worries", I reply but inside all I'm doing is worrying. I don't think Katie should exercise but I don't say so. Instead, I walk out the classroom and down the corridor, my mind whirling about Katie.


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