Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 4
Unmentionable words

When I get home, I can't stop thinking about Katie. I make myself a jam sandwich and eat it quickly, my brain whirling. Why is she so jumpy? Why is she so thin? Why doesn't she eat? The words 'Eating Disorder' jump out at me but I push them away, not wanting to think that a pretty girl my age could starve herself like that. When Mum gets home from work at half six she asks me how my day was.
"Fine", I say, "There is this new girl in my year called Katie".
"That's nice, are you friends?"
"Kind of. She's a bit weird actually".
"Whys that?"
I'm about to launch into the jumpy behaviour and eating no lunch but something stops me. I know mum will automatically assume she has an eating disorder and I don't want to hear it. Not now.
"It's nothing, don't worry", I say quickly before going up stairs and switching on the computer.
I log into Facebook and spend a few minutes reading peoples status's before having an idea. I wonder if Katie has Facebook? I type in Katie in the search engine, then pause realizing I don't know what her surname is. I try to think back to the register. I strain my mind but I can't remember so I switch off the computer, defeated.
Mum calls me down for dinner but I'm not really hungry after the jam sandwich. I chew on a few peas and a fish finger but leave the rest.
"Summer, why aren't you eating?" Mum asks when she sees my plate.
"I'm not really hungry", I say honestly.
"Your not on a silly diet are you? I don't want you going all anorexic on me".
I cringe at the word and tell myself to never mention it again.


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