Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 2
Missed meal

I invite her to sit with us at lunch. Hannah raises her eyebrows at me and Danni sniffs loudly, wanting me to see her disapproval. But I smile reassuringly at her, patting the empty seat next to me. She cautiously sits down, avoiding eye contact with any of us. I try to break the awkward silence by asking Katie about her old school. She just mutters something about moving because of her Dad's job. Hannah gets out a bag of crisps and starts crunching them noisily. I see Katie stiffen every time Hannah reaches in to the bag and puts one in her mouth. Danni also takes out a bag of crisps from her blazer pocket and a chocolate bar. Katie stares hungrily at the chocolate bar before looking away, almost guilty. I offer her one of my cookies but she refuses, eyes wide biting her lip. I see Hannah glance at me with an expression as if to say, "God what a weirdo".
After a few minutes, Katie gets out an apple from her bag. She carefully puts it down on the table then looks at it warily as if its going to come alive and eat her. Then she gently picks it up and takes the tiniest bite, chewing it ever so slowly. By the time she goes to take another bite, the bell is ringing for the last lesson of the day so she quickly chucks it in the bin on the way out.
When Katie is well out of ear shot, Hannah whispers to me, "I can't put up with her every lunch time, she was putting me off my food. Why didn't she eat anything?"
I shrug, "Maybe she doesn't feel well or something".
"She did look pretty pale, maybe she has the flu".

But something about Katie, made me think she wasn't sick with the flu.


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