Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 28
The Evangeline Form

Evangeline: Michael, Paul, behind me to my left and and right! Princess, behind them. Vonotar, REAR!

[They all assemble and open the door and see daylight. There are a few dumbies lingering around. Once they see the live humans run out of the house, they slowly stagger over to the diamond formation. Evangeline motions and Boyd smashes the dumbie in the side of its neck knocking it over...]

Evangeline: LEFT!

*The diamond formation then heads left towards the fence as a cohesive unit*

Vonotar: Got a FASTER moving one on the tail!

Evangeline: REAR! BACK!

[Evangeline, Paul, Boyd, and Francis turn around and go towards the dumbie walking with its mouth open....]


[Vonotar turns his rifle around and uses the buttstock to forcefully push the dumbie down by its forehead....]

Evangeline: FORWARD! TURN! GO!

*The members turn around and resume going back to the fence*

Paul: This is actually working! I'm...falling back in love!

Boyd: Save the semantics Paul! WE AINT GOOD YET!

[When they get to the fence, Paul and Boyd step to the sides facing eachother parallel to the fence. They then lift Evangeline and Vonotar over. Once they get over, they pull security with their backs to eachother. Francis hops over the fence and then so do Boyd and Paul, effortlessly...]

Evangeline: Everyone here?

Boyd: Yes mam!

Evangeline: Once we regroup, run over to their door Michael! GO with him Francis!

*Boyd grabs Francis and pulls her toward the door*

This is called "M.O.U.T." or Movement Over Urban Terrain. We search the avenue of approach for where the door opens.

Francis: The hinges are on the right!

Boyd: SO the door opens from left then. That could work! We could use the door as cover if things go south!


Boyd: Dont mind her! Just try the door. Twist the knob. And Yank the door open. I'll rush in...

[Francine turns the knob but the door is locked!]


Boyd: We need Paul! WE GONNA KICK THE DOOR IN!

[Paul charges at the door and Boyd joins in and kicks the door off the hinges...]

Boyd: MOVE!

[The group regroups in a line outside the door and files in the house in a lazy W pattern...]

Paul: CLEAR!

Boyd: Too loud Paul...Just gives a thumbs up!

Paul: Roger that sir!

[The group then reforms in line and files into the next room. This continues for the next 3 rooms...]

Vonotar: Sir...I don't mean to sound complacent, but I think we can stop now...

Boyd: Why ya say that?

Vonotar: In that last room, I saw blood drops on the floor...like someone's injured. We don't even know how many personnel we are dealing with.

Evangeline: He's right about the blood. The trail only keep going down this hall. WE NEED TO PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

Francis: This plan falls in line with the earlier one. Maybe...we might find the keys to the van...


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