Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 27
The Meth Roulette

[Back at Francis' house 15 minutes ago...]

Francis: Everyone alright?

Boyd: Status check everyone!

Vonotar: I dunno, its too dark to tell...

(Indeed it was dark. They had made it to Francis' basement.)

Francis: Let me get the lights!

[Francis flips the light switch and everyone is astounded by what they see...]

Boyd: Is...there something you wanna tell us about little lady?

Francis: I...I can explain...

Vonotar: You're into “chemistry” huh?

Evangeline: A METH LAB? A GOD DAMN METH LAB?! REALLY? DAMN IT! I wish you brought the camera Paul. This story would be the stuff of legends!



*Francis covers her ears*

[Vonotar goes over to her and tries to comfort her...]

Evangeline: Don't even TRY to protect her! Shes been hiding HIGHLY illegal substances in her basement for GOD KNOWS how long! Not only is this little skank responsible for the death of mankind, shes also a GOD DAMN METH CREATOR!

*Paul pulls Evangeline back*

Vonotar: I'm sure she has a logical explanation...?

Francis: Yes...as a matter of fact, I do. But STOP YELLING AT ME!

Boyd: OK! Everyone, calm down, and let Francis explain herself. Vonotar, go lock the door. I smell something foul, and WE ALL should know that smell by now!

Vonotar: Yes sir! But how did they- WE LEFT THE GOD DAMN DOOR OPEN!

Evangeline: I was going to saw something, but everyone was so gung ho on getting into the “princess's playroom”.

Boyd: Thats ENOUGH Evangeline!

Francis: Look, I don't make the stuff. I NEVER DID!

Paul: Explain then...why you have all the setups down here?

Francis: I needed money for college. FAFSA only covers so much. The economy was so bad...I didn't know WHAT to do. I tried getting normal jobs, but they didn't want to work with my schedule. I was on Craigslist one day and it had a listing for a parcel runner with flexible hours.

Boyd: But that still doesn't-

Francis: Let me finish! While I didn't know what the stuff was, I started to figure it out by how suspicious the locations were that the handoffs were supposed to be. The people acted strange, and whenever police would come near, they would take off running. One day, I opened up one and found out what it was...but by that time, I was a junior in college. The money was SO good! Eventually, I would make my final sell to the man who would become my partner at CDC...

Evangeline: They're everywhere...

Paul: Let her finish dear.

Francis: See...My partner was highly addicted. But I got him to stop. Then we got this house out here...

Evangeline: I hate to break it to you, honey...but I'm just going to say it plainly and slowly, so even an Idiot such as yourself can get it. Your “partner” was STILL doing drugs when he got you this place!

Francis: No he wasn't!

Evangeline: I can't believe the world was destroyed by this ignorant skank...LISTEN. I'll SAY IT SLOW for YOU. Your partner bought you a house next to his dealers. You worked at CDC, correct? SO why the HELL is your house all the way out in the burbs, where EVERYONE in ATLANTA knows that the meth is produced?

Francis: THATS A LIE!

Evangeline: SO then HOW did you KNOW that they were meth dealers shooting at us...I mean YOU?!

Francis: I...I...

Evangeline: You've just dragged a field reporter for FOX 5 into TWO of the largest scandals on the planet. I'm going to expose YOU and END this ring! I PROMISE!


Evangeline: What? Take the princess's dreamhouse away from her? Pull her Federal Funding? Its sperm-and-egg unions like you that have turned America into the worst country on the Earth.

Paul: Now dear...I've deployed. We AIN'T that bad as you make it!

Evangeline: Lets see, she single handedly decimated the population, AND she ran drugs for angry and tweeked out Meth dealers! Capital offenses if you ask me. Listen...MICHAEL! I don't plan on being holed up in a basement. I've got the guns, so I MAKE THE RULES NOW!


Paul: Yeah, Evangeline, WHAT are you saying?

Evangeline: Very simple Paul! We AREN'T going to take it anymore! I'm tired of cowering in fear of those THINGS...THOSE “Infectees”. While I still think they are human deep down inside, I WILL NOT be pressured into an EARLY GRAVE! We are going to strike hard. And we are going to STRIKE FAST! THIS WILL NOT BE OUR FINAL STAND!


Evangeline: Listen TUBBY!

*Evangeline slides a gun across the floor to Vonotar*

The name of game is AMERICAN ROULETTE!

Boyd: What?

*Evangeline slides a shotgun to Boyd*

You can either die by taking your own life, or you can come with me and CATCH the METH DEALERS!


Evangeline: IS IT REALLY?

*Evangeline hands Paul a Desert Eagle*

Paul: You don't even know how to shoot...

Evangeline: Oh Paul. SO sexy, yet so oblivious. As a requirement, ALL field reporters are REQUIRED to take self defense classes, and go to the shooting range atleast ONCE a year. ALL THOSE BUSINESS trips I said I was on...

Paul: I...I thought you were cheating on me-

Evangeline: Hardly Paul! No man is worthy of me.

*She smirks coyly at Paul*

Francis: So we are going to rely on HER SUNDAY SPECIAL?!

Evangeline: It shoots JUST as WELL the other six days too. OH and don't think I FORGOT about what you did...

*Evangeline rubs her neck where a scar has formed*


Francis: I told you I WAS SORRY! IT WAS AN ACCI-

Evangeline: Tell it to my neck. YOU WANTED TO SHOOT ME anyways. Someone...give her this...

*Evangeline pulls out a grenade and tosses it to Boyd*

Look. If things get too bad for us, you can blow yourself up for ALL I CARE.

Boyd: As much as I hate this, YOU have a point. You're in charge.

Evangeline: Good! So I'll tell you how we're going to get out of here. Paul and I did I walk through of this house, and a walk around. YEAH, WE WENT OUTSIDE! Theres a door that leads to the backyard. We open that door, having two riflers cover our rears. The hand gunners will cover the sides. We move in a diamond shape AT ALL TIMES. When we come to the fence, we will cimb over 2 at a time, just in case those things are over there. DON'T SHOOT! These things have HUMAN features! Trip them up, knock them over, WOUND THEM! WE NEED TO BE AS QUIET AS POSSIBLE!

Boyd: And what if their doors are locked?

Evangeline: We shoot the locks off. At which point, you SOLDIERS will take point. YOU ARE TRAINED FOR THIS! Search and destroy, but you are to WOUND their hands and arms. YOU HAVE YOUR ORDERS!

Paul: What if they shoot at us?

Evangeline: Don't get shot. Take cover. Right now, they'll be on edge. They're probably tweeked out on their own supply, so they'll shoot at anything that moves. This is why Francis will also be moving in the house. Tell them you have their money. They'll probably be horny too...


[Evangeline points her gun at Francis and disengages the safety...]

Then you can die...but not by me. By THEM! You're not worthy of being killed by me.

*Evangeline points her gun up*



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