Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 26
The Other Way

[The person pulls the gun away from Smitty's face and pulls Smitty up...]

Are you hurt?

Smitty: Just my pride...


Smitty: I'M fine!

[The person then pulls off their hood and its a female...]

Good...otherwise, I'da hada put ya down!

*The female smiles at Smitty*

Name's Angie. You military, or you jack a dead one?

Smitty: Officer, US Army!

Angie: That don't mean JACK now, you know dat right?

Smitty: I kinda figured...Hey...did you fire any shots into?

Angie: Naw, this guns fa sho! No rounds. I just bash em real good! You be surprised how well dat work...


Angie: You got survivors witcha? WHERE DEY AT?

Smitty: Did you hear any shooting earlier?

Angie: Hell yeah! I thought it was you firing off on them zombies!

Smitty: No, it was someone trying to KILL my friends! I gotta go back!

Angie: Well, you crazy boy! But...you gon need some help!

Smitty: Thanks!

[Angie and Smitty peer over the side of the truck and Smith's eyes widen in fear
The dumbies have not only completely surrounded Francis' house, but they have also started filing into the front door, since it was so lovingly left open...]


Angie: What?

Smitty: My friends...they're...all dead...

*Smitty hangs his head down*

All she wanted...all she wanted was to sleep with me...

Angie: Mr...what THE HELL you talkin' bout?

Smitty: Its not important now...We don't have to go back there now. Theres...no reason to anymore...

Angie: You sure...Mister...uhh..whatcho name is?

Smitty: Smith. Chris, Smith...

Angie: Ok, now dat thats outta the way...come with me Smith!

Smitty: Yeah...

[Angie grabs Smith's hand and pulls him behind the house that the truck is parked behind...]

Smitty: Woah! Where we goin?!

Angie: Shh...the “hungers” will hear ya!

Smitty: The hungers?

[Angie peeks out and makes sure the coast is clear. Besides a few dumbies walking around, its relatively safe...]

Those THINGS! You know, they blind! But they sho can hear good!

Smitty: I KNEW IT!

[Angie covers Smitty's mouth and pulls him to the ground as a dumbie stumbles over to their general vicinity and “looks” around...]

Smitty: I was trying to say...that I was testing these bastards before all that damn shootin' started!

Angie: MOVE!

[Angie pulls Smitty into some bushes leading to a wooded path. She then turns around and trips the dumbie by smashing her rifle into its knee...]

Smitty: Whyd you-?

Angie: Its faster than killing em! No ammo, no good aim. Its just like regular people, they got bones too. You can break em...Now! Imma show ya where we headed...

*Angie points to the wooded area*

Smitty: You gotta secret base in there or something? Me and my battle....we uhh...found a tree house that had all these weapons...

[The injured dumbie starts crawling towards Angie, with a fierce determination...]

Angie: Sometimes, you stay around long enough, they try to get ya anyways...

*Angie smashes the dumbie's hands and left shoulder*

I don't believe in killin'. They still people under all dat.

[Smitty looks at the dumbie roll around from the pain it was just dealt. Even though its virtually immobilized, it still tries to struggle to get a bite out of Angie...]

Angie: Yeah, we leavin' now. Aint no trouble now Smitty.

Smitty: I guess not.

Angie: We gon' cross the woods. After that, we meet up with my friends. They gotta sanctuary built up.

Smitty: Man...its been so long since I been outside...I forgot what other people looked like.

Angie: Eh? Lets walk and talk.

*They start off into the woods and Angie puts her hood back on*

Angie: How long ya been holed up, Mister?

Smitty: About 3 weeks. Havent been outside wince this whole damn thing started.

[Angie pulls a low hanging branch out the way and holds it so Smitty can walk through...]

Well, you missed a lot there Mister. You a soldier? I been meanin' to ask ya...

Smitty: Yep. I told you already.

Angie: Yeah, I just forget stuff. Where ya stationed at?

Smitty: Fort Gillem.

Angie: Damn. Watch the rocks.

Smitty: "Damn"? What do you mean?

Angie: You been out the loop for a while Mister. There hardly aint no more living people left. While you was on “vacation”, the rest of us was fightin' for our lives out here!

Smitty: We DIDN'T know it was like this. We just wanted to get back to post.

Angie: You 'sposed to protect US! But it don't matter no more because all the soldiers dead...

Smitty: WHAT?!

Angie: Keep ya voice down and watch out for dem prickly bushes!

Smitty: Dead?! YOU'RE KIDDING?!

Angie: Welcome to Hell, Mister.

Smitty: What happened?! TELL ME!

Angie: I said be keep ya voice down! Look! All the soldiers from pretty much every post got sent out to all the major cities, tryin' to build em up and fortify em. First stop was obviously ATLANTA. Tootles to all us in the burbs. If ya couldnt make it out, you was dead.

*Angie crawls under a fallen tree and helps Smith through it*

I wasn't gonna go cause it was stupid. All the livin' people WOULD go to the city, which means less of the “hungers” out here. Its safer HERE!

[As they near the clearing, they see some tents and a big church...]

Angie: You know where we at?

Smitty: Light of the World Missionary Baptist Church...

Angie: Yeah...Wait here!

*Smitty turns his back to the church*

No worries Ang...


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