Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 24
The Hypothesis


Smitty: Its still raining battle! I don't think we can shift fire and adjust...

Vonotar: You know sir, I was thinking something...HOW exactely are we going to get the vehicles?

Boyd: What do you mean?

Vonotar: Well, don't civilian vehicles REQUIRE...or... I dunno, a strange and powerful object called a key?

Boyd: DAMN! You're right...I forgot about that.

Vonotar: No, its ok...actually I'm quite content being here anyways.

*Evangeline comes walking down the stairs*

You Army people are still here?! Hmph! Must be dumber than I thought you were.

*Paul walks down the stairs right behind her*

It doesn't look good out there...

Smitty: Yeah, all this rain is really gonna mu...RAIN! THATS IT! BATTLE! I GOTTA IDEA!

Boyd: Woah, calm down there, fire chief! Whats is it!?

Smitty: What if...the rain...distorts the freaks' senses?

Francis: WOAH! WOAH! First of all, we don't even KNOW what their SENSES are!

Boyd: Shes right ya know...

Smitty: Then...I guess its the perfect time to test those senses out!

Boyd: What do ya? OH NO BATTLE! THATS NOT- NO!

Smitty: LISTEN! In a functioning TEAM, not this defacto mod squad we have here, we need as MUCH INTEL on our enemy as possible. WE NEED RECON ELEMENTS...and whether you like it or not, I'M the smallest one here, and BEST for the job!

Boyd: DAMN IT BATTLE! YOU'RE RIGHT! But...I don't wanna risk anything major. You and...FRANCIS will go out in the front, since you two are the fastest.

Francis: WOAH! I was on the track team in COLLEGE! That was like, 3 YEARS AGO!

Boyd: Doesn't matter! If hes going on the mission, as his battle buddy, you need to be there to account for him!


Smitty: Well lets go battle! NO WORRIES! We got this!

*Boyd walks into the kitchen and pulls out a butcher knife*

Use this IF things go south! ONLY IF!

[He hands the knife to Francis and Smitty picks up a fire poker that he had put there a week ago just in case...]

Vonotar: Hurrah for conviently placed weapons!

Smitty: Nope, just better safe than sorry. I hid weapons all over the house, just incase we were to get over run...

Evangeline: I love how you plan for the best situations! So optimistic!

Smitty: Someone's gotta be the realist...

[He walks up to the front door and pushes the nightstands stacked 3 high out of the way, to the right...]

Ready Franny?

Francis: Don't CALL ME THAT!

Smitty: Glad to know you're behind me! Ok Boyd! Heres my logic! The rain is disorienting, even for normal people. But...if the rain is really damn heavy, it could throw off their senses. They could get confused really quick!

Boyd: I hope you're right man...VONOTAR! GET THE DOOR!

Vonotar: And put it where...?


*Boyd looks at Smitty and Francis*

On the count of three...


*Francis grips the handle of the butcher knife tightly*


*Smitty crouches a bit like a baseball player with the fire poker in his hands*


[Vonotar pulls the door open and instantly the hard rain pours in from the outside. The strong winds push the rain against the house with the force of water balloons...]


Smitty: YESSS!!!!

*Smitty runs out the door with a quick burst*

Francis: DON'T LEAVE MEEEEE!!!!!

[Francis takes off behind him. When they find a dumbie, she is looking up in the sky, being pelted by the hard rain. It has its mouth open and is just standing there collecting water...]

Smitty: Francis...lets get this one...!

Francis: Yeah, this one appears to be the most enthused by the rain anyways!

[Smitty and Francis sneak up on the dumbie, but still outside of arm's reach...]

Smitty: Ok, you're gonna think I'm crazy but...

*Smitty hands Francis his fire poker*

Francis: The HELL are you doing?!

Smitty: Gonna inspect!

Francis: OK...b-b-b-but be careful...you still have to...

[Smitty tip toes up behind the dumbie and waves his hand in front of its face. There is no response. He then pulls some pepper out of his pocket...]

Francis: What are you?

[Smitty puts his index finger over his lips to silence Francis. Smitty shakes some pepper into the nostrils of the dumbie. It snaps forward and pulls its head down. It coughs up some blood, but then puts its mouth back to the sky...]

[Little do they know that someone else has their sights set on them. The camera pulls back to reveal someone watching Francis from a window...]

*Smitty walks back over to Francis and gives her a thumbs up. The two start to make their way back to the house when they hear a random gunshot. Smitty pulls Francis low to the ground with him as he tries to look around...*


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