Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 23
The Best Laid Plans

2 Weeks Later

[Back in Stone Mountain at Francis' house, everyone seems to have settled into a groove. Guard shift gets pulled simultaneously while day to day operations continue. For the most part, everyone seems to have healed up. Boyd can do some basic jogging and jumping without much pain, and Vonotar's wounds weren't very deep anyways. Everyone pitches in to get work done and everything seems to be flowing nicely...]

Boyd: Hows it going in there Francis?

*Francis smiles*

Pretty good Mike! Lunch will be ready in a couple minutes...

Boyd: I see youve put Vonotar to good use in there...

Vonotar: Ha ha sir! You should know that a man of my brilliance is needed for precise measurements like “2 cups water”!


*Smitty runs down the stairs*


Boyd: Woah...was I...interrupting something?

Smitty: Nah!

Evangeline: Right, because you weren't just sniffing my underwear ha!

Smitty: A soiled diaper actually smells better...

Evangeline: Heh, good one, twinkle-twink!

[Even Evangeline has lightened up a bit...but not much]

Boyd: I guess, today's the day huh?

Smitty: Yep...

Vonotar: I can't believe its almost been three weeks. Really? DO WE HAVE TO go back to Hell?

Boyd: Unfortunately, yes. We're SOLDIERS NOT the “perfect guests”! So after tonight, we pack up and prepare to head out around Noon, hooah?

Vonotar: Hooah sir!

Smitty: But battle...what about...ya know, trans?

Paul: Actually we're covered. I spotted a minivan about 2oo meters to the left! Too easy! Wouldn't even need much cover fire!

Boyd: And we knew not to put too many eggs in the basket, so we scouted out a Ford F250 300 Meters to the right of here. Its a bit more risky, but the raw power and 4 Wheel Drive would practically make it harder to roll and flip. Tomorrow, I want Smitty and Francis taking the left! Paul and Vonotar will take the right. Evangeline and I will file out after the coast is clear.

Paul: Sounds like a plan Mike!

Evangeline: Why do I HAVE to stay back with him?

Paul: Dear, your best skills have no use for us here...

Evangeline: Oh, I'll have to remember that when you're putting my legs in the air...

Smitty: Can we NOT talk about you guy's sex life? I can barely sleep as it is...

Evangeline: Jealous? You should be. Don't complain though, not everyone is as good at it as I AM! ISN'T that right, little girl?

Francis: Hee. Hee.

Evangeline: We should all be more open with each other. Lighten up! Sex is a natural part of life. Everyone's doing it!...OH WAIT! I can name on my hand, 4 other individuals NOT! Paul loves it when I-

*A lightning bolt strikes in the distant horizon*

Smitty: Did the forecast call for rain?

Vonotar: No...why?

Smitty: Because the EVAC plan was CONTINGENT on PERFECT weather like it HAS been for the last few weeks!

Boyd: No WORRIES! We will just shift fire and adjust!

Besides, who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow...


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