Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 20
The Leaders

Boyd: NOW HOLD ON LADY! EVERYONE pulls their weight round these parts!

Evangeline: I'm NOT a soldier. You have no authority over me!

Vonotar: This is going NOWHERE fast! Look everyone, we NEED to sit down and have a little chat!

Paul: About what? We've done enough talking already...

Vonotar: Wrong, ex-Staff Sergeant! We haven't discussed the MOST important thing YET!

Paul: Whats that supposed to-

Vonotar: LEADERSHIP! WE need a GODDAMN leader! Yes, we can operate as a small cell, but without guidance, we WILL fall!

Paul: The Privates gotta point there.

Evangeline: Oh PLEASE! You military people don't KNOW how to think for yourselves DO YOU? You really need someone to tell you when to shoot and where to go?! REALLY?

Boyd: Well, there's no better teacher like experience...Paul! I nominate YOU, on the count of your combat experience and weapons handling abilities!

Paul: No Thanks! I love being on the team, but I'd hate it if we LOST anyone. I'd be no more good after that...

Evangeline: Listen, Michael! Let me be the mouthpiece of everyone else...YOU are the leader! The way you took charge out there...even while injured, showed that YOU need to be the leader.

Smitty: I agree battle!

Vonotar: Shes said everything that needs to be said.

Francis: I agree with this as well.

Paul: You'll hear no arguments from me!

Boyd: Ok...Well then, everyone will be in battle buddy teams of 2! Each shift will be two hours. That gives everyone the same amount of sleep/awake hours. We will let Evangeline be with Paul on his shift. Francis and Smitty are another...and Vonotar and me will take the last block! UNDERSTOOD!

Smitty: Hooah!

Paul: Roger.

Evangeline: Whatever.

Francis: Wait, why with HIM?

Boyd: Everyone has been given a partner who at least can hold their own in the event of an attack!

Francis: I...I guess that makes sense...

Boyd: Alright...

*He looks down at his watch*

First shift starts in 20 minutes. Doctor, can we possibly get some chow?

Francis: Call me Francis, please. I possess no Doctorate or anything. And YES, you can have some food. I've got...

4 Hours later

Boyd: Looks like they ain't comin' Vonotar.

*Vonotar yawns*

Yes sir! Its been a slow night! About time for Francis and Lieutenant Smitty to come relive us anyways.

[Francis arrives from upstairs in a pair of boyshorts and a small tanktop, showing her curves, previously hidden behind her lab coat...]

Vonotar: D..D...D-D-D-D-DAMN! Forget about the virus killing people. You're a mass murderer!

Francis: Heh. I found the lab coat and trousers too restricting. I feel normal and comfortable in this.

Boyd: You're ten minutes early...

Francis: My partner always used to say 10 minutes early...you're on time. You're on time, you're late!
I've kind of made it my mantra...though I suppose it doesn't really matter anymore...

Boyd: You'll be fine. I guess I better wake up Smitty! He always sucks with that sorta thing...

Francis: WAIT! Before you go Michael, there's something I wanna ask you...

Boyd: Call me Mike, and go head. Shoot!

Francis: I hope...I'm not out of line, or anything but...you said you had a wife and son...correct?

*Boyd frowns alittle*

I do...

Francis: Well, arent you the least bit worried about their safety? SORRY! I-

*Boyd smiles*

No, its ok. Actually, I think about it from time to time, but they're actually not American. I met my son's mother in Japan on a tour. Things happened and, well, she got pregnant. We werent married, and so I brought shame to her father. Risking dishonor, we were married in secret. Her father is a good guy. He wouldn't let anything happen to them...

Francis: Your story...its beautiful!

*Vonotar nods off and starts snoring*

*Francis kicks her house-shoe at him*


Boyd: Uhh...you alright son?

Francis: Its ok, I said the same thing...GO TO SLEEP!

Vonotar: Yeah, yeah...all your base belong to are us...don't mind...mind on system backup. GLaDOS...sa...sa..

*Vonotar walks over to the couch and falls face first*

Boyd: Well you have a good night. Smitty will be right with ya.

[Boyd limps over to the rocking chair that Smitty is sleeping in and wakes him up...]


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