Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 19
The Defining Moments

Boyd: PAUL! Pull security on the the main avenues of approach! Smitty! You help! Once We get the injured treated, we'll pull shifts!

Smitty: BATTLE! It would be EASIER if we found some loose wood to nail in front of the doors!

Francis: I have some old tables and furniture...in the garage...

Boyd: Good thinking Smitty! Doctor, please show him where the wood is. Bring back a sufficient amount!...ugh....

Paul: Sir! You don't look so good! Have a seat down!

Boyd: Its ok...

Paul: Sir, with all due respect, I have 12 years in as a Combat Medic...LET ME DO MY JOB!

Boyd: Who will watch the windows?!

Paul: We'll just have to take the chance sir! Now, lay down over here! Lets have a look-see!

*Paul peers at the shrapnel lodged in Boyd's leg*

I'm going to need A LOT of ointment, some sewing thread, and some pliers...

Vonotar: While, you're at it, can you patch me up too?

Paul: Sure, after all, we do NEED someone on guard shift. Privates always best.

1hr later

[With everyone patched up and tended to, everyone is at ease. They keep the lights dim in the house to avoid unwanted attention and the doors and windows have all been boarded up or have a rather large piece of furniture in front of them...]

Smitty: Ok, lets have a look at that ankle...

Francis: It feels better, I think...

Smitty: Well, lets let our resident medic figure that out...

*Paul has a look at Francis' ankle*

Good news! Its not broken, and the makeshift splint really did some good. It looks to be only a sprain. Not a major one, otherwise, you wouldn't made it here...

Francis: Thank goodness!

Paul: Just stay off of it for about a week and you'll be just fine...

Francis: Heh...a week? I doubt we have enough supplies and the like for a week...

Paul: Well, YOU just take it easy...and sorry about yelling at you back there. I THOUGHT you had killed Evangeline...

*Evangeline rubs her neck*

Tell me about it...

Francine: I'm sorry about all of that...I DON'T know what came over me back there.

Smitty: You were just acting out what we all wanted to do...

Evangeline: Well, I'm glad I'm everyone's favorite member.

Paul: Evangeline, you got somethin' to say?

Evangeline looks away from everyone else...

I'm...apologetic. I'm not sorry for my words or actions, however I am apologetic for how YOU perceived them.

Vonotar: How did you marry such a bimbo? Seriously, I'm not checking you out or anything, but your a pretty good looking guy.

Paul: Uhh...thanks? Anyways, like I told Smith, we met after I got back from my third tour. Been to Iraq twice. Afghanistan once. She was working as a civilian for AFN. She had to be the most gorgeous woman I'd ever seen...

Vonotar: I dunno what happened there...

Paul: Well, I did still have deployment glasses on...and I was pretty horny. But it was somethin' about her bright green eyes, her red hair, and the pencil skirt. It was love at first sight.

Evangeline: Hmph. Though, I'll admit, he WAS the only man who paid attention to me. But MOTHER always said that the men want a woman who was hard to get, and even harder to attain.

Paul: Well...No offense dear, but your Mother can go to Hell.

Evangeline: Well, thats cruel. Even if I don't particularly like her. But as they say, “mother knows best”.

Vonotar: I think, you need to stop letting your mother dictate your life. You're what, 32?!

Evangeline: A LADY never shares her secrets.

Paul: Allow me...She's 30!

Vonotar: Well, all I'm saying is...leave the past behind. Shes nothing more than a specter from the past. I bet she wasn't married either!

Evangeline: Mother never did like any men or boys around me...

Vonotar: That's because your mom...and I'm saying this with the utmost respect...was BITTER!

Smitty: Woah, woah woah! Psych-Eval is TOTALLY not your schtick!

Vonotar: I'm just saying sir...Observing people gives me a lot of clues as to how their pasts effected them...

Boyd: And what about YOU “Mr. I graduated from college but only came in as a private”?

Francis: Yes, I'm curious as to how you even joined the military as well...

Vonotar: I wanted to get my hands dirty. Didn't want to be a lazy good for nothing as my father called it. I wanted to show him...EVERYONE I was...am capable of doing something worthwhile. Nothing is good enough for a father who has done almost every major thing in the field of science!

Francis: You mean...to say...Richard Vonotar is your father?!

Smitty: Here we go...with the excluding geek speak conversion...

Vonotar: No, I'll make this brief sir. Yes. He is my father. A detached one at that.

Francis: I would've been HONORED to have him, such a prestigious man, as my father!

Vonotar: Not if you knew. He was dedicated to his work. No time for his family. When he did talk to me...or my brother...or my mother, it was only to tell us that he wasn't particularly proud to have a family that had no outstanding skills or talents whatsoever.

Smitty: Sounds like joining the Army was an act of rebellion...

Vonotar: Maybe it was. Maybe it was a twisted version of vindication...but either way, I'm here...and still the lovable fan favorite of the group! Who's next?

Boyd: Well, I guess I'll go...I mean...whats there to say? My name is Michael Boyd. I'm 36... I..I..have an estranged wife and a son...

Smitty: Battle, you never told me that!

Boyd: I never told ya a lot of things! I'm sure you can hear the accent. Texas born and raised. No steer or queer here. I joined the Army because I wanted a change. The old man used to be a 1st Sergeant. I wanted to be just like him. He was like...my best friend...

*Boyd looks down at the floor*

Your turn battle!

Smitty: Uhh...geez...uh...where to start? My name's Chris Smith. I'm not married, and have no kids to carry on the name...I joined the Army because my dad told me to. I never wanted to be a leader, but this the situation I've found myself in.

Vonotar: Bra-vo sir! You don't know how to lead, but you're a leader...hoy!

Smitty: Well, as long as Boyd's around, I really don't need to!

Boyd: Well, I'm glad I can...be your “host” then battle. Maybe you'll ACTUALLY learn some leadership tactics.

Smitty: Nah, I'm content hanging from the rear.

Boyd: The time will come one day...when I won't be around...


Boyd: Hey, Vonotar was right! ANY given day could be our last. We need to all learn the basics of survival, because right now...its KILL or be KILLED by those FREAKS!

Francine: Well, take as long as you need to in my house. I've got plenty of room, and It has been a LONG night we can agree!

Evangeline: About the only thing I will agree with you on! I'm going to bed. Let the “big strong men” watch the house!


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