Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 26
Cat's Outta the Bag


"Where's Blue?" I asked once I'd rounded up Mac and Hayden, lighting up a cigarette. I'd crashed a few hours but I never liked eating to fulfill the munchies so smoking was the next best thing.

Mac looked over at Hayden and shrugged, "I don't know, was he at home?"

I shook my head, "I'd checked there already, Blue had been the first person I'd gone after. But no one was home.."

Hayden sighed. "I'll, uh, call Monroe," he offered and both Mac and I looked over at him.

"You're tight with him?" Mac demanded, cocking a brow at Hayden as he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

Hayden looked up from his phone with this indescribable look on his face. "What's that supposed to mean?" he snapped instantly.

"Nothin'," Mac murmured, stuffing his hands in his pocket. "Other than the fact that that kid's a fag."

Hayden's body froze and I know I'm not the only one that noticed. Mac went still too, as if preparing for impact as Hayden exploded like a nuclear bomb.

"Shut the fuck up you ass hole!" Hayden shouted. "Monroe's no fag, he's cool, but you wouldn't know that you dickhead! You and the guys left him out! He was new here and the neighborhood kids left him out because they're assholes. I took the time to talk to him, at least."

"He took Bam's place!" Mac shouted back as I watched from the sidelines.

"NO!" Hayden screamed. "You guys knocked Bam out of her place! You guys abandoned her! He just fit into the only place that was open!"

"Why the fuck are you defending him?" Mac shouted back.

"Because I'm dating him!" Hayden screamed.

I choked on the cigarette smoke in my lungs, Mac's face went white for a moment while I started hacking, coughing and choking at that. My eyes were wide as I dropped the cigarette and began banging my chest with a fist. Eyes watering from the strain, I gasped out, "You're gay?"

"Yes!" Hayden shouted. "Got a problem with it?"

"Chill man," I managed to get out before another round of coughing overtook me. Swallowing to keep back the coughs, I muttered, "It'"

"Shut the fuck up, Jude," Mac snapped. "Why didn't you tell us sooner?"

"Because no one fuckin' understands," Hayden growled and I was shocked into silence. I've never seen Hayden this pissed off. His eyes were lit with fire, his face was red, and his breathing was rapid.

He looked deadly, so exchanging a look with Mac as I bent down to pick up my cigarette from Mac's driveway, I said, "Just call Monroe and see where Blue is."

Hayden sneered at Mac angrily before striding away and down the sidewalk, putting his phone to his ear after he dialed the number.

Glaring over at Mac, I took the cigarette and pushed the burning part against his bare neck.

Mac jumped ten feet in the air, grasping at his neck as he said, "Fuck. What the hell was that for?"

"Being a dumbass!" I growled, throwing my arms up in the air and storming after Hayden.

I seriously needed to find Bam, before Cole did.


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