Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 17
The Gravity

Boyd: Ugg....Is...everyone alright?!

*Paul rubs his head*

Anyone else ever been hit with an IED before? Feels about...like that right now.

Smitty: uhhh.....man.....I'm good

*He touches his head and his neck and finds that he is bleeding*


*Boyd leans over to take a look at his injuries*

Battle! That don't look too good...we gotta get you cleaned up...

*The blood starts to pour into Smith's eye*

I can't really see...and I gotta killer head ache...prolly from the reverb of SOMEONE shooting!

*Francis raises her head up*

I'm...glad I had a seatbelt...BUT I'm sorry I ALMOST KILLED YOU!

Smitty: I dunno if your sexiness....ugh...will be enough to account for this...

*Boyd tears the sleeve off his ACU top and wraps it around Smitty's wound*

Boyd: Everybody who is able, move around! I'm sure those damn freaks are trying to swarm all over us right about now...so WE GOTTA MOVE!

Paul: I'm good, how bout you Evangeline?

*Evangeline doesn't answer*


*Francis undoes her seatbelt and checks her neck for a pulse*

Shes alive...but...We'll need to carry her! Shes suffered a lot of trauma to her neck...

[Francine sees the blood from the bullet that grazed by her neck. Paul slaps Francine's hand away...]


Vonotar: Wouldn't...dream of it pal...

Francis: VICTOR!

*Vonotar has glass shards lodged in his arms and hands*

I'll be fine, as long as we get this checked out soon. I don't think I want a profile for staphylococcus...

Boyd: Ok! Tell you what, everyone who can hold a weapon, GET ONE! There's no easy way out of here, so when I kick the back doors OPEN, everyone break for it. SHOOT IF YOU HAVE TO! IF NOT, BASHING THEM OVER THE HEADS PROVES EFFECTIVE TOO! YOU CAN ALSO PUSH THEM OVER IF NEEDED! DON'T GET GRABBED OR ITS ALL OVER! PRACTICE GOOD SECURITY! STAY TOGETHER, HOOAH?

Smitty: God Damn....Hooah!

Vonotar: Hooah!

Francis: Got it!


*Paul puts his wife over his shoulder and grabs a rifle*

[Smitty picks up his M4, Boyd holds a knife, Francis keeps the rifle that she had before. Vonotar picks up a sniper rifle. The rest of the weapons stay in the bag and Francis carries them once again...]


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