Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 16
The Turning Point

Smitty: riighht...and the lady here is our doctor...err...Dr. Francis Mandate. Shes the reason we are here in the first place...

Evangeline: Really? You're responsible for those FREAKS?

Francis: No! I simply wrote the source code for what happened...

Smitty: And I gave a gun to a guy who robbed a bank....details, details.

Evangeline: THANK YOU! Honestly, your mark on AMERICAN history will be much appreciated!

Paul: What are you talking about?

Evangeline: Don't you see PAUL, the world is GOING TO HELL...and we have FRONT access! I'm going to document the END of all LIFE! Then, once we find a fix for this complicated “engagement”, I'll be the most sought after reporter this side of BARBARA-ANN WALTERS!

Vonotar: Lady, your fangs are showing. And besides, that's ASSUMING we find a cure...and that's also ASSUMING you LIVE!

*Everyone pauses in silence to look at Vonotar*

Vonotar: Listen, each one of our collective life expectancies just dropped as of 3 days ago. Chances are, from here on out, the odds'll only stack up against us, MILITARY or NOT!

Smitty: So then, what do you suppose we do, oh “great and powerful one”?

Vonotar: You're too kind sir. Actually, I move to stay as a cohesive cell. I guaran-damn-tee you that ONCE we make it back to post, they will try to separate us...put us with others because they wouldn't know how to cope...but we HAVE TO stay together!

Boyd: What about the civilians? They'll more than likely try to throw them off post.

Vonotar: NO! We have to all stay together. If we acquire more people, good. But the second we separate from who and WHAT we know, we WILL DIE!

Smitty: So, your stance is...from what I hear, it takes too much time to learn new people altogether. We all have something we can do, and we need to rely on eachother.

Vonotar: Precisely!

Evangeline: I...I dont even KNOW you people. I've half been dragged into this.

Paul: So I guess you wanted to be eaten by one of THEM?

Evangeline: For all we know, they are just helpless people. They DON'T know what they are doing. They're INFECTED PAUL! Even a dingbat like you should be able to understand that! I bet you don't even know why we were out there! Put your head down Paul! You BLEW IT!

*Francis lifts her rifle up a bit*

Evangeline: You PUT that GUN DOWN! Its people like YOU that are America's problem! You mindless killers. You urine stain on the perfect face of the white sheet we call AMERICA! You couldn't see that we were going to report LIVE from the scene. The first in history!

Francis: Look here BIMBO! You should know that is HARDLY an original idea! Maybe you are deluded by your expensive heels and...and...$100 haircuts, but...

*Francis raises her rifle at Evangeline's head*

THE WORLD IS CHANGING! So too are the rules, and killing you MIGHT bring about world peace in AFRICA for all I know!

*Everyone else tries to calm Francis down*

Smitty: WOAH WOAH! CALM DOWN! Yeah, Shes annoying, but the world is CHANGING, but it hasn't CHANGED! You kill her and...then Youll be a murderer, and then I'LL HAVE TO BRING YOU IN!

Boyd: Yea lil lady...be easy! Lower the weapon. Weren't you listening to Vonotar? WE NEED each other! You can't just...KILL!

Francis: ALL I've got to do is release the safety and PULL the trigger! So easy!

Evangeline: If its so easy...why do you hesitate? Are you going to shoot me little girl? Allow me to answer that- NO! No, you won't kill me because you lack the moral fibers to “do the world a favor”. You're a damn hypocrite! The one who destroys the world trying to kill others for trying to RESTORE IT!


Evangeline: Oh Paul...can't you see? You're WEAK! You're as weak as these TOOLS in here now.

*Smitty grabs Evangeline by her blouse*

The HELL You talkin' about? You don't KNOW what we've been through lady! Its easy to talk when you've been stuck in a DAMN office all GOD DAMN DAY! I HAD TO PUT DOWN TWO OF MY SOLDIERS TODAY! AND...AND...You wanna know something- YOUR HUSBAND IS a lot STRONGER than YOU give him credit for! He served HIS COUNTRY! HE DEPLOYED! HE ALSO SAVED YOUR GOD DAMNED LIFE!

Evangeline: Put down? Really? So these “soldiers” of yours are now common dogs on the street to you? Is that how you see it, “Mr. Lieutenant”? Soldiers are nothing more than DOGS, WAITING TO BE KILLED by YOUR hand? Outstanding...SIR!

Vonotar: I hate to break up a happy family counseling session but...the street is pretty crowded with the dumbies!

Boyd: Well....try your best to avoid em! Smitty, you LET her go! Ruffin' her up aint gonna change this lady's mind. Shes elitist. She only sees everyone as below her!

*Smitty relaxes his grip on her shirt and lets her go*

Evangeline: If you had any idea who you were dealing with, you would've KILLED me!

Paul: She wasn't always like this...

*The van swerves hard to the left*

Boyd: No man, love has a tendency to gloss over some of the more questionable things. People don't just get this way overnight...

Paul: She...

*The van swerves to left again*

Smitty: The hell're you doin up there?!

Vonotar: Trying to keep this girl steady sir! ….THERES BLOOD AND GUTS ON THE STREETS! I can BARELY KEEP STRAIGHT!

[One of the dumbies trips on the sidewalk and falls in the street face first. While the van is sliding to the left and right, trying to steady itself, it smashes the head and goes into an uncontrollable spin...]


[Everyone grabs something to hold on to while the van fish tails and slides around on the road. Finally the van hits the sidewalk and smashes into a fire hydrant. The impact makes Francis pull the trigger on her rifle. It grazes Smitty and Evangeline in the sides of their necks, and busts the window out the rear doors of the van...]


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