Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 25
Like Shit


She knew how to move her body like a fuckin' hurricane, her lips twisted and melted on mine, moist and hot. Beautiful. I knew my pants were down and she was mostly naked and we were doing the dirty right in the middle of a pot house, but it took my mind off of--

"Ohhh, Bammmm," I moaned as I opened my eyes slightly and stared into deep pools of green. I moved my hands from her curvy hips to knot in her snow-white hair, my lips danced on smooth rose petals while my other hand roamed her flat stomach for...

Where's her belly button ring?

You've always had a think for that piercing, I heard her voice say and at that wonderful sound I melted. Too bad you won't be seeing it ever again...Won't be seeing me ever again. 

"Why not? Where are you?" I asked softly as her body kept going on mine, grinding into me, but suddenly, despair was filling me.

You've made bad decisions in the past, Jude-ie, but this is by far the stupidest fuckin' thing you've ever done! Bam screamed in my head. You've fuckin' lost me forever you dipshit! AND YOU SENT COLE AFTER ME?! Where the fuck is your head, Jude? You fuckin' pothead, get your friggin' head out of the clouds, get your dick out of this slut's pussy, and come and find me before it's too late!

"Bam, stop it," I began to cry, the deepest sorrow filling me, the worst feeling in the world was making me go ice cold...Loss was bubbling up inside of my heart as the ecstasy that had been going on outside of my body ceased and tears poured down my face.

Don't be a fuckin' bastard, Jude, Bam hissed, don't be fuckin' stupid. You better accept change really fast, Judie-Boy, because everything's going to be different... Bam's voice faded from me right as a hand slapped across my soaked cheek, again and again and again until I lashed out and sucker-punched Tyrone in the gut, my eyes flashing open.

"Fuck man," he groaned, "What the fuck are you on? I only gave you weed.."

"What are you talking 'bout?" I demanded as I stood up, put my junk away, and zipped up my pants.

"You were screaming, Jude," Annie said as she slipped on her shirt, "And not about me...You were saying 'Bam'."

Tyrone groaned, looked at me, and said, "Go fuckin' find her, man, before I go crazy and run out of dope for you."

I looked between Annie and Tyrone before I nodded to myself, thinking, I need to get there before Cole does...

"Peace, bro," I said, bro-hugged him, then left quickly.


"A place ta stay, huh?" Dad grunted, looking slightly amused as he leaned against the grimy doorway.

Standing awkwardly outside, I said, "Mhm, that's what I said right?"

"Watch that smart mouth, Alabama," Dad growled, "Or you won't even be sleeping on the couch, you'll be in the damn gutter."

Fuckin' asshole, I thought to myself, but said, "So does that mean I can stay? I have nowhere else to go." And that's why I've stooped to this level. 

"Yeah, but only because you're blood," Dad snapped and walked back into the house.

Hesitantly, I followed him in. The hallway was trashed, the carpeting stained, the couches in the living room looked disgusting, and the walls were covered in smoke stains...

"Welcome home," I muttered to myself as I dumped my bags on the couch and tried to act like I felt comfortable in a place that was as clean as a mudpit with a guy I've only met five times in my life.

I couldn't believe that I'd stooped so low, but at least everyone else was good. Jude was happy that I was gone, Blue was content without his ex-sister, Hayden and Mac were cool I'm assuming, and Mom and her new boo should be good too.

Everyone's living pretty good that I'm gone...and I'm living like shit.


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