Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 9
The Weapons Cache


*Smitty runs over and helps him with the ladder*

Boyd: What the hell do we do now?

Smitty: We put the ladder between the house roofs and climb across. With only ONE round in ONE gun and ONE KNIFE, we're geek bait if we don't go to his friend's house!
Boyd: We don't even KNOW where his friend's house is! HOW THE HELL ARE WE GONNA RUN TO IT!?

Smitty: Look, we just head south till we find something OKAY?! WHATEVER WE FIND, WE TAKE REFUGE FOR THE NIGHT! GOT IT?!

Boyd: You giving me orders, heh...ok!

*Boyd lifts the makeshift ladder over the two buildings and places them between the this house and the one to the left of it, because it has a fence*

Smitty: Good work battle!

Boyd: Since you're smaller and more squirrely than me, you got first!

Smitty: Yeah, yeah...

Before we knew it, we were running and bounding over fences, through fields, and over creeks in the night. When ever the “geeks” attacked, we learned that it was easier to push them back, but that didn't stop them from coming, it just delayed them.

Eventually, we made it to a point where we couldn't run anymore. Tired and hungry, we were just about to give up when...

Boyd: Hey battle! A treehouse!

Smitty: What are you, 12?

Boyd: Look, itd be better IF WE were elevated!

Smitty: Ok! True!

When we got in the tree house, into which was only a rope with a weight on the end as the only entry/exit, we found more than we thought...



Inside were assualt rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles (with bolts), scopes, night vision googles, first aid kids, and probably atleast 6 months of MRES and bottled water if divided among two people. It became clear to us that this was Thomas' friend's shelter, and he had gone through great pains to keep it secured so that no one would think he were crazy. An ordinary tree house with windows on each of the four walls and plastic baggies for when you had to go...no thought was wasted...


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