Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 7
The House On the Farside

You got a canteen cup?

Vonotar: Yes sir...

Smitty: God Speed lower enlisted!

Boyd: What Lt. Smith is trying to say is...you're going to go out on the roof, and clank around your canteen cup. Then we will steal away around the far side of the HMWVV! With any luck, we can find somewhere with a phone and higher ground.

Vonotar: But what about me?

Smitty: IF we find a friendly, they MAY have a car. They MIGHT be willing to come get you...

Vonotar: So...you're risking our lives on a series of conditional events?

Smitty: In a nutshell, YES!

Boyd: Damn son! We'll come back for you, ok?!

Vonotar: Now thats what I wanna hear!

Smitty: Well then get to it!

[Vonotar unlatches all sides on the gunners hatch then throws the hatch down. He climbs out and pulls out his canteen cup and starts banging it against the HMWVV. The dumbies turn around and immediately start to make their way toward the vehicle....]


[Once they notice that the farside appears decently empty, save for one or two drifters, they high tail it towards the house with the man on the roof...]

Boyd: You think he left his doors unlocked?

Smitty: Would you?

Boyd: HELL NO!

Smitty: Exactly!

Boyd: So then...we're screwed!

Smith: Remember what they taught us in O.C.S. If there is no way...


*The two officers shoulder tackle the door down*

Smitty: I'm glad this guy didn't board up his doors and windows!

Boyd: That makes two of us! Now quick, lets see what we can find before the geeks get here!

Smitty: Ok, I'll check the kitchen. You take the living room.

Boyd: Why not check the basement?

Smitty: This is STONE MOUNTAIN! Every redneck who lives out here keeps his weapon on him, in the kitchen or behind the floor model television!

Boyd: Good point!

[The two officers split up and Smitty finds some rather useful knives and some canned peaches and peas and other canned goods...]

Smitty: Not very tasty...but...they'll do...Hey BOYD! I found some food!


*Smitty comes out the kitchen with cans and knives*

I guess we can use these if we need to...

Boyd: Cans or knives?

Smitty: Cans, especially the PEAS! No, the knives. We probably don't have long until the dumbies come through that door. All we can do is keep goin' up!

Boyd: Alrighty! Room clearing with knives and cans...

*The two then head upstairs checking every room they come across*

Boyd: Hey Smitty! Its a telephone! We can call the C.Q. desk!

Smitty: DO IT! DO IT!

*Boyd picks up the phone and calls the CQ desk*

Hello, thank you for calling 9th Chem, this is Specialist Hare speaking. How may I help you sir or mam?

Boyd: Hey Hare! Its 1Lt Boyd! I sure am glad to hear your voice!

Hare: Uhh...thank you...sir?

Boyd: Listen, we gotta problem! Theres some kinda epidemic goin' roun' here. Kinda...gonna sound funny, but its turning people into zombies!

Hare: Really sir?

Boyd: I wouldn't lie to you son. Just tell the First Sergeant that...uhh, we need a replacement HMWVV with a slave cable. Our battery went dead on a leader's recon!

Hare: Yes sir...

Boyd: Make sure you tell him EVERYTHING!

Hare: You want me to ask him for a PRC-E8 form too? Maybe some grid squares as well?


Hare: OK! SIR!

*Hare hangs up*

Smitty: What?

Boyd: Well, Im not sure if they believe us, but I think he'll send another HMWVV out here. It sounds like the infection hasn't reached post yet...!

Smitty: SWEET! Well then, lets go to the roof, help the civilian down, and get the hell outta here!

Boyd: Yeah!


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