Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 4
The Latrines

[Smitty kicks the body in the chest and closes the latrine door back. Then he pushes the porta johns on their face, so that none of the doors can open. He then runs back to Boyd and Vonotar...]

Boyd: Ho! You look like you just seen a massive turd! Whats up battle?

Smitty: I swear man! I just saw a goddammed zombie!

Boyd: Zombie? Really?

Smitty: Yeah. In the latrine! It OPENED the door and everything!

Boyd: I think you need to relax a bit. Zombies AINT real bro. And you saw it in the latrine you say? I'm no expert in sanitation or anything, but I know they weren't the cleanest things. You sure you didn't, I dunno, inhale some fumes?

Smitty: DUDE! I saw IT! IT unlocked the door after it bled on the floor! I pushed the latrines over so it couldn't get out!

Boyd: Good God man...I swear! PFC VONOTAR!

Vonotar: Yes sir?

Boyd: Go over there and see whats up! You being the reigning expert on the undead...Go see.

*Vonotar goes over to the downed latrines and tries to lift them up*

God! They want me to violate my profile? I can't do this!

*He drops the “porta johns” and grabs his lower back*

Looks like I'll need a new profile when we get back...

*He then hears rustling in the bushes*

Lewis? Is that you?

*A voice sounds from the bushes*

Vo...Vonotar...? I-is that-you?

Vonotar: No, but I can go get him! OF COURSE ITS ME, ASS-COB! C'MON out man and help me get Sergeant “Porker” out!

Lewis: I...I dddon't feel ssso good....

Vonotar: Well! I'm not gonna come to you and violate my profile! You can make it, I'm sure. Even if you got bit by a spider, you can still move. Same goes for a snake bite...which by the way, is uncommon in this area of Stone Mountain...

[While Vonotar is talking he hears pounding coming from the downed latrines...]

Sergeant Parker? That you? Thank God! I'm trying to get “Screw us” to get up a two man lift on these things. Lt. Smith is NOT AMUSED that you didn't get him Mcnuggets!

*The pounding continues*

Lewis: Vo-vo-VONOTAR!

Vonotar: Le-Le-LEWIS! We can do this all day. Come out now!

[Lewis finally starts to peel back the brushwork of the bushes and shrubbery. He then vomits blood as soon and he gets out...]

Vonotar: Dude...You alright? You look like me right before my first PT test after 3 months of deadman profile...

[Lewis doesn't answer. His skin is now pale and his eyes are now bloodshot and dead set in one direction but focused on nothing...]

Vonotar: Hmm...pale skin...heavy breathing...moans. Stupid look...Blood in the vomit...You're either zombified or STUPID drunk...!

*Lewis slowly limps over to Vonotar opening his mouth*

Vonotar: Umm... I'm just gonna...!

*Vonotar takes off in a full sprint past Lt. Boyd and Lt. Smith*

Smitty: Whatd you find out?

Vonotar: ZOMBIES!

Smitty: TOLD YA! It HAS to be true! Vonotar NEVER runs that fast!

Boyd: Dammit! Now we're really gonna get it. I just had to let you talk me into letting the joes come. Now they done gone and died? I don't believe it. Come on?

Smitty: Yeah...go towards the thing that one guy is running from? No thanks Nick. No thanks!

Boyd: Babies! You guys must be NAVY, because Army soldiers ain't scared of no zombies!

[Boyd marches over to the latrines and looks at Private Lewis...]


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