Author: Quatez Reid

Chapter 2
The Good Guys

[The woman then gets up rather weakly and props her self up on her arms while leaning back...]

Ugh...oh man...

Boyd: Oi! Shes alive!

Smitty: And sexy!

Woman: Oh great...

Boyd: No worries mam, we're the good guys! The US ARMY!

Woman: Really? I thought all the soldiers were dead...

Smitty: Contrary to popular belief, all soldiers ain't bad shooters. I know all the movies make us look pretty gay though.

Boyd: Mighty belittling of you lady.

Woman: I'm sorry...its just...ehhhh....

*She cringes in pain at her ankle*

Woman: Sorry. My name is Dr. Francis Mandate....ughh....

Boyd: ...I think I heard of you...you...you were one of them doctors that worked on that program... “G.O.D.” Right?

Francis: Yes. I was one of the architects of the program itself. I wrote the source code.

Smitty: Yeah, thats all cool and all, but what were you doing out here? Your lab is all the way in Atlanta...?

Francis: When this whole world went to hell, I was working with my partner...We tried to STOP IT! Then...those THINGS...THOSE monsters got him. I ran to my car as fast as I could...trying to my home...HERE in STONE MOUNTAIN...and got as far as I could...but then...it flipped over somewhere down the road...WAIT! What are you soldiers doing out here?

Boyd: Good question...

*The moans and random grunts of the “walking dieing” get louder*

Smitty: The geeks are coming en masse. We might need to make our move soon battle!

Boyd: But we gotta injured civilian and NO COMS with any elements...AND WHERE THE HELL IS FIRST SERGEANT WITH THAT HMWVV?!

Francis: You guys have a working phone?! THANK GOD! LET ME-

Smitty: I Wonder how it all ended up like this...


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