Her name was Katie
Author: Auty

Chapter 1
The new girl

"Settle down please class", my form tutor, Miss Gordan shouts over us trying to take control but failing miserably. I carry on with my conversation but stop when I spot a girl beside her. I nudge Hannah and she also stops telling everyone to shut up.
"Thank you Hannah", Miss Gordan says and then gestures to the girl beside her. "This is Katie Moore and she is new so I expect you to make her feel welcome".
I look at the girl. She has long blonde hair that falls past her shoulders, the kind that I dream to have. She's quite pretty but she doesn't seem to be cocky, if anything she seems really shy. Every time someone looks at her, she clutches her stomach and goes red. I wonder for a minute if she's pregnant but quickly dismiss the idea. But there's something about her, I can't quite lay my finger on it.

Miss Gordan tells her to sit down next to Harry, a fat boy who is known as the class clown. Luckily, she seems pretty skinny so she squeezes in next to him. I see her look round a few times so I smile at her, remembering what it was like to be new. I started at the beginning of year 8 and knew no-one so I know what it's like. But when I smile at her, she turns away quickly, embarrassed.

When the bell rings, everyone rushes off and Katie stays sitting not sure where to go. I go over to her and say, "You have English first, I'll show you if you like". I see her swallow, her neck looking to thin for her head. She gets up gratefully, pushing her chair in. It looks like it takes a lot of strength.
"I'm Summer", I say holding out my hand.
"Katie", she replies in a small voice shaking my hand. It's like a block of ice, freezing cold.
I stare at her as we walk towards the English block. I decide I'll try and make friends with her and maybe find out a little more about her. And that was how it started.


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