Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 22


I ditched my car.

That must've been one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I left it at Fix 'Em Vic's with Dash; Dash was the only one who actually knew where I was going and I trusted him with my stuff, I think I'm the only one who actually trusted him.

"Stay outta trouble, Bammaroo," Dash said, looking down at me with a little smirk.

"Can't promise you that, Dash," I said as he wiped his hands on the shop rag he'd pulled from his back pocket, "But, uhm, can you do me one more favor?"

"Sure, what?"

"If Jude stops by for some reason," I murmured slowly, "Just tell him 'Change is good and so is letting go'. It's important and he knows this is one of the first places I'll go so you'll probably see him."

"I'll try, but Bam I see a lot of people everyday, I don't know if I'll know who he is.." Dash said.

"Well," I drawled with a big grin, "He's a dumbass towhead with orange-y eyes, he'll probably be high, though, so.."

Dash nodded and wrapped his arms around me in a secure hug. "You'll figure out everything soon, Bam," he whispered at my ear and I bit my lip as the numbness I'd tried to put my mind in began to fade. This deep, deep sorrow began to creep through my bones and stomach, twisting my guts until I was sick and freezing cold to the core. "I promise you that, just don't be stupid, 'kay?"

"I'm a stupid person, Dash," I tried to laugh, but the tears were flowing freely now as I leaned my head against his shoulder. "But I'll try."

Pulling away I forced a smile and wiped away my tears. "Thanks for everything, Dash," I murmured, "I'll see you around."

"See ya."

I walked out of the shop with my head held high. I wasn't really sure where the fuck I was going as I started walking down the street towards a bus stop, but people were coming to mind. I could jump around a lot, but that would leave a trail for people and I don't need people--or Jude--looking for me.

Then, the one person in the world I didn't think I would ever run to, came to mind.

"Aw fuckin' A," I growled and shook my head realizing that this guy was the only one I had.


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