Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster
Author: C.C Phoenixx

Chapter 21
Dead To The World


There's a kind of silence that is louder than the scream of a banshee. It's deafening and painful and maddening. I've only experienced that once in my life, in that one moment after Dad left and I tried to kill myself.

I'd tried to drown myself in the tub by taping my neck down to the bottom of it (that had been tricky) and letting the water fill up. The water had slowly risen above my head while I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to get rid of all my regrets. Praying to God hadn't eased anything, because there was no answer to my prayers, no sound, just...silence. It had shrieked in my ears while my lungs began to ache and a pulse thrummed in my stomach.

I'm not really sure how the hell I didn't die then, but I had been close to it and I'd learned that that silence is the beginning of death. But, before it had overwhelmed me, the tape had given away and my head had come to the surface, air filling my lungs as I took greedy breaths.

I didn't die that day, but I was pretty sure I was going to today, because that noise was growing, raising in octaves. Feeling deafened and strangely not scared, I relaxed, easing myself into the noise, trying to become one with it, so I wouldn't die uneasily.

But the worst thing about the silence, it when it's broken. It's as if your world is shattered to pieces and all the noise in the world is jammed into your ears and into your eyes, down your throat, up your noise. It feels as if hungry, sharp-toothed animals are tearing you apart slowly.

Then it's over and you're forced back to reality with a huge, lung-shredding gasp of air, your chest raising and falling so fast that it's as if a miniature explosion just took place within your innards.

"He's back!" a voice called. "His heart rate's up!"

"Stabilize him!" another voice hollered. "Get air in him!"

Eyes snapping opened and revealing the inside of an ambulance, a mask was forced over my mouth and nose and clean air made its way into my lungs...I focused on that instead of the pain all engulfing my body like fire.




Struggle for breath.

Do it all over again.

This went on for eternity, it seemed, but suddenly the gurney I was on was jostled as the ambulance came to a stop, the back doors of the vehicle were thrown open, and I was rolled out.

Medics were rolling my body through the hospital doors, yelling at nurses, screaming words like "critical condition," "car crash," "died three times."

Before I knew it a sharp pain was added to the cacophony of agony in my body and a deep, deep sleep came over me.

I was dead to the world suddenly, but still alive...within my head.


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