One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 13

- Still in Elena's point of view -

I was sure gym was going to be hell too, and for atleast the first half it was. Then Millie came to class, with a pass from the nurse. I rushed over to her as she is explaining that the nurse doesn't want her doing anything. She stressed the word anything.

- Switched back to Millie/your point of view -

You see Elena coming towards you and smile a little, "Hey..." The gym teacher tells you to go take a seat on the benches near one of the walls in the gym. So, you and Elena head over there while talking.

"How are you feeling?" Elena said with slight worry in her voice.

"Better, still tired, but I wanted to go to at least two of my classes today." You say sitting down and looking at your bandaged arms. Looking down at your feet now, you say, "Everybody's looking at me."

Elena says jokingly, "Well of course everybody would baby girl, you just walked in with a pass from the nurse's office, and your arms are bandaged. If somebody else came in like that wouldn't you look at them?"

You let out a weak giggle, "Yeah, I guess I would... now the teacher looks like he wants you to get back to participating, so go. I'll watch."

You watched the rest of the class, feeling Elena's spiritual boyfriend, Brock, jumping around from basketball hoop to basketball hoop, depending on which one she was near. Mike stayed by your side the entire time and had been since when you woke up this morning. You smile slightly and get up when the bell rang, no bags due to the nurse making you put them in your locker before dismissing you so that you didn't have to climb up to the sixth floor.

You walk over to Elena and let out a slight yawn. "I almost fell asleep once or twice during class. Ohfuck... I just remembered... It's Wednesday... My mom doesn't work... I think I'll just text her that I'm going over to a friends house... I really don't want to go home... at least not right now."

You pulled out your phone and went to messages, and texted your mom, "I'm going over to a friends house. I'll text you when I need to be picked up." You then turned off your phone so that you can say your phone messed up.

"Come on, lets go find Az, Elena." You say to her.

She nodded and walked after you, but had to go up to her locker so, you left her when you guys reached the door.

You walked outside and spotted Az and Nicky both there and Nicky gasped when she saw that your right arm was bandaged. You walked over to them and sat down on the little concrete wall on the edge of the steps.

Nicky looked at your arm and said, "What happened?!"

You looked at her and said, "I... broke down after first block..." You sighed and added, "Badly."

Az looked at you and said, "Are they as bad as Elena and Kira say they are?"

You looked at her and said with a shrug, "I'm not really sure, I haven't really looked at them directly, only got a glance at them when the nurse rewrapped my arm."

Elena then walked out and walked over to stand in front of you next to Nicky.

You then said, "I'm honestly not going home today. I just can't... I would probably either end up breaking down and passing out, actually dying, or end up in the hospital, and defiantly end up grounded. So... can I go over to somebody's house?"

"Sure, I'm sure my mom won't mind but you do know you'll have to go home sometime right?" Az said.

You nodded and said, "Yeah I know..."

You then sigh and look around feeling depressed still. All of a sudden you felt arms wrap around you, Elena's arms, at least you thought until you saw Elena still standing in front of you. You looked down at the arms wrapped around your waist and saw fairly pale arms of a man.

You mutter out, "M-M-M-Mike?..." Then lean back onto the man's legs, feeling a little dizzy again.

He picked you up and gently kissed you on the forehead. "My name's not Mike, sweety." He then looked at your shocked friends, and smiled a little at Elena. "That's my nickname though babe. I'll tell you soon enough. You need rest now though."

You look up shock and tiredness filling your face, "O-o-o-ok." You manage to stammer out.

He leaned down and kissed you gently on the forehead again.

Your eyes flutter close in the safety of his arms for a moment.

- Elena & Mike's points of view -

- Elena -

I had met Mike, Micheal, at the beginning of the school year the previous year through my older sister's friend. I didn't know his spiritual self at that time, whom is Millie's actual Mike.

- Mike -

I had seen Millie in the halls once or twice, and couldn't help but find her little girl-like facial features simply adorable. I also had felt a weird connection towards her even though I didn't even know her. I knew her somehow, yet at the same time I didn't.

I felt love towards her and the need to protect her from harm.

- Back to Millie -

You had passed out completely in Mike's arms and they had just talked for a bit before Mike carried you to his house. You're eyes flutter open and you wonder where you are.

Seeing that you were awake Mike smiled and handed you a bottle of water. "Good to see you're awake, Millie." He then sat down next to you on his bed. He then leaned down and kissed you gently on the lips.

You smile and kiss him back, you're first time actually kissing somebody. You then feel a slight pain in your arm and remember that you have yet to see how bad your cuts were.

Mike looks at you and kisses your forehead gingerly before sitting back up and picking you up, placing you in his lap. "Ok, I told you I'd tell you later, and it is later now. I had met Elena last year through her older sister. My actual name is Micheal, but most people just call me Mike instead."

You nodded and look at him, "We should probably see what my arm looks like..." He nodded and started to unwrap the bandages around your arm, gasping when he saw how deep the cut closest to your wrist was. "How in the world did you survive these?"

"Elena found me just before I passed out and I had gotten a text from my friend Kira too a bit after I started to cut, she's in my second block and was wondering where in the world I was." You said wincing slightly as he unwrapped a tighter part. You then glanced down at your halfway undressed arm and gasped, "I honestly have no idea now... I didn't know how bad they were... I was sure I wouldn't be able to get that deep with my razor blade... it was so dull..."

Mike looked down at you and paused unwrapping your arm. He then hugged you and whispered gently in your ear, "Shh... don't worry babe."

You smile and press your face against his chest breathing in his natural scent and begin to fall back asleep.


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