One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 12

You were passed out, but you could still slightly feel when people were moving you. You were being carried somewhere in somebody's arms.

Elena was carrying you to the nurse's office with Kira next to her and the nurse on the other side. Your arm was poorly wrapped up but the nurse was going to fix it once they had moved you.

Elena wasn't Elena at that time really because Mike was worried and wanted out to hold you and carry you. He was whispering something quietly, so that neither Kira or the nurse would hear.

They reach the nurse's office and set you down on a bed, and your eyes start to open, as you hear Mike asking, you thinking it's Elena asking actually, "Hey, Miss, can I stay? I'm just worried about her is all. I found her almost passed out in the bathroom stall."

The nurse said, "Ok," before going to get fresh bandages and gauze to wrap up your arm.

You mumbled a bit before finding your voice, it was weak, "E-E-Elena?"

Mike looked up, you still not knowing it's him out and walked over to you, putting Elena's hand on your forehead and brushing back your hair, he whispers, "How are you feeling babe? It's me, Mike."

You blink and let out a slight groan. "My arm hurts really badly..." You then see the nurse coming back with the bandages and remember, Oh yeah... I broke down.... Looking back at Mike/Elena you say in your weak voice, "You should probably get out of the nurse's way or else she will make you go back to class Elena."

Mike took a step back and watched as the nurse wrapped up your arm.

You wince while she is unwrapping your arm and puts some stuff on it to help prevent infection. You look at it and think, Damn... I really did a bad number on that arm...

You sigh and look at Mike/Elena as the nurse wrapped back up your arm, wincing again.

The nurse leaves the room that the bed you were on was in to let you rest and talk to Elena.

"I'm sorry about cutting honey... I... I... I just couldn't stand it... People started rumors about me and Elena because of the time she spent yesterday comforting me..." You say, your eyes slightly watering.

Mike hugs you avoiding the arm that you had cut. "Shh babe... It's ok... You just scared me is all..." He then leaned over and kissed your forehead and whispered, "I'm going to let Elena go back to class. We don't need anymore rumors starting up... but don't worry babe, I'll be right next to you, even if you can't see me."

Then he left and Elena was back in control of her own body. "You ok baby girl?" She asked.

You nodded and said, "I'm ok mommy... but... I'm going to be so dead when my actual mom sees this..."

"I see baby girl..." She sighed and looked at you before adding, "Well, I should get back to class. You get your rest."

You sighed and nodded, "Ok, mommy."

She then left the room, stopping to get a pass to class from the nurse.

You then felt Mike wrap his arms around you spiritually and kiss your forehead. You drifted back off to sleep, tiredly.

Meanwhile in Elena's point of view:

It was 3rd block. I kept on getting glared at for going missing during both the beginning of 3rd block and all of 4th block yesterday.

Somebody shouts over at me, "Hey where is your girlfriend, lesbian?"

I growled and yelled back, "What would you do if your friend came to you crying?! Comfort her of course!"

I then looked around and spotted Az. Running over to her, "Gods. Everybody thinks me and Millie are lesbians now just because I spent an entire period comforting her yesterday. Oh and...." I then dropped my voice and added, "She's in the nurse's office. I found her in the girl's bathroom on the sixth floor with really deep cuts on her arms around the middle of 2nd block."

Az looked at me and said, "Yeah, Kira texted me that she had done something like that." She then added, "I'll help her get home after school..."

I looked at Az and said, "Honestly, I don't think she wants to go home. She had woken up while I was in there and looked really worried and said that her mom will probably kill her when she finds out..."

Az nodded, "Probably... If she goes home, she'll probably end up in the pysch ward, on suicide watch..."

I sighed and nodded, "Yeah... I gotta go get out my instrument..."

Az nodded, "Yeah, it looks like Mr. Wilga is ready to go, so I'd hurry if I were you."

I then ran into the middle room and quickly put together my bass clarinet. As I was coming out, Mr. Wilga was looking around apparently noticed that Millie wasn't there with the rest of the trumpets.

"It seems we are missing a trumpet." He said to the class. "Who's gone?"

I heard somebody whisper to the person sitting next to them, "A slut." I felt like snapping on them for calling one of my friends a slut when she wasn't.

Band felt like hell to me. I swear I was so close to just punching the boy who sat next to me.


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