One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 11
Oh my...

You had a peaceful sleep, curled up in the safety of Mike's arms spiritually and in the safety of your blankets physically. When you woke up you yawned and just threw together something to wear. You rolled your eyes as Mike watched you change, unsure if he was allowed to watch or not. You giggle and kiss him, before finishing getting dressed.

You had sloppily thrown together your outfit and went downstairs, thrown on your shoes and then held back giggles, knowing that your mom would of thought you had gone off the deep end if she found you giggling about 'nothing' when Mike was actually tickling you.

When you got into first block you saw everybody stare at you again but today instead of with shocked and stunned gazes with questioning and hateful looking gazes and gazes of disgust.

You didn't know it yet but people had started a rumor that you and Elena had made-out when you two hadn't shown up either band or gym, when both of those times, Elena had simply been comforting you.

You heard somebody call you both a lesbian and a slut, you just felt yourself loose it and break down crying, silently, so you wouldn't draw too much attention. Atleast it would be easier to hide today, because you didn't bother putting on makeup that morning.

"Shh babe... shh... stop crying... don't listen to them. You know you're not a slut and that you are bi, not a flatout lesbian." Mike whispered in your ear.

You looked up almost expecting to see him standing there, raising your tear-covered face and sniffling a little. Looking around, the boy who sat next to you saw your face and snickered. You just laid your head back down as Mike rubbed your back spiritually, nobody else that you know of in that class even aware he is there.

You felt relieved when the bell rung to dismiss you from the torture of 1st Block into the torture of the halls. You ran into the girls bathroom on the Sixth floor and ran into one of the stalls and just broke down crying, unable to take it. You pulled out the razor that you had put in your pocket that morning. It wasn't really a razor blade, but a utility blade. It might be sharp enough to cut drywall but when you pressed it against your arm at an angle and ran it across, no blood came out, it simply hurt. But you didn't care. You just kept on pressing down harder while you used the silver blade of a utility knife to cut yourself.

You had always had slight symptoms of being a 'self-harmer'. You used to pull out your eyelashes, eyebrows and your hair, as well as pick at scabs, causing them to take longer to heal.

You cried and pressed yourself against the tiled wall, having chosen an end stall, and finally cut deep enough to draw blood. You sat there and cried until you felt your phone vibrate, it was Kira.

"Where are you?!" She texted.

You then realized, you were late for English. You sighed and texted back, realizing you were in a corner of the stall, "Sitting in an emo corner crying and watching myself bleed?"

She texted back, "WTFH?! Where are you, Millie?"

"Bathroom, Sixth floor, bleeding and crying." You texted back with a sigh after sending it.

Mike looked at you and hugged you tightly, "Shhh babe... do you think I like to see you cut sweety? Now stop crying and clean yourself up please babe... and I would clean up this blood too if I were you..."

You sighed and nodded, "You're right honey..." You then stood up and unlocked the stall. You walked over to the sink and washed off your cuts, washing off the blood from your arm.

Just as you were heading back to clean up the blood in the end stall, the door to the girls bathroom swung open. You cringed slightly before rushing back into the stall. Quickly you locked it and started to wipe up the blood, hoping to the gods(and goddesses) that the person that came in didn't see you.

Then you heard a knock on the stall door and heard somebody say, "Millie, come on, unlock the stall and come out." You couldn't recognize the voice just then, but also, you weren't used to loosing so much blood... or seeing so much blood... You let out a slight whimper and started to blackout.

Hearing your whimper the person slipped underneath the door into the stall and gasped, seeing the cut on your arm and the blood on the floor. It was Elena. She unlocked the stall door and heard the door to the actual bathroom open up again.

Elena leaned down next to you and stroked your head gently. "Everything's going to be ok..." She whispered in your ear, trying to convince herself mostly.

Kira walked up as you completely passed out.

Elena looked at Kira and said quickly, "No time for introductions. We need the nurse!" She then stroked your head more, realizing you had completely passed out. "We need the nurse as quickly as possible."


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