One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 10
Saved Me...

You had went straight up to your room after school, and crawled into the least revealing outfit you had and just sat in your room after removing what makeup you had left on and finally getting the marks from the mascara off.

You went downstairs once that night, to get dinner and then after eatting it as fast as you could, you fled back upstairs. Around 9, you started getting very paranoid... You felt the energy you had felt earlier that day again... but this time you could actually feel fingers being traced across your skin.

Scared, you pulled out your phone to text Elena, hoping that texting her would make it go away. But you couldn't find your phone just then... you got really scared as you felt the cold energy on top of you.

You flinched, it was kissing your neck roughly, biting it, and sucking on it. But not physically was this happening, but spiritually. You couldn't help but gasp when he bit down hard on your neck in a certain spot and sucked on it, roughly.

You were tired and weak from the fear and all the crying you had done earlier that you were just starting to stop fighting back but instead just laid there. He saw you stop struggling and saw it as a chance to get what he really wanted, to get inside you, to steal your (spiritual) virginity.

Then, all of a sudden you felt something warm brush you and before you knew it the cold and twisted spiritual being was off of you being fought away. The person who had saved you wasn't in the coven, yet atleast. He was a tall guy with black emo style hair. He had fought the guy away from you until three more members from the coven, Yukon, Jace, and Whipit, took over in fighting him off.

You then felt the warmth coming off of him and relaxed as he held you in his arms, checking to see if you were alright and gently kissing you on the forehead. You, feeling safe again, sent him over to your 'mommy', Elena, as soon as you found your phone.
You texted her, "I sent somebody over to you... he just basically... saved me...."

After about 15 minutes she texted back, "I know baby gurl. I got him and talked to him after you sent him over here. His name is Mike and he really likes you, sweety."

You smiled and felt weak still from struggling. You then tensed up for a moment before quickly relaxing, having felt arms wrap around you, taking a moment to realize they were Mike's.


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