One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 9

You ran into the middle room after Elena, your trumpet still in your hand. You felt scared and helpless, all from that single touch, brushlike touch, that you felt a few moments ago. It was just so cold... and the energy was defiantly from a male... a twisted cold man.... The thought made you shutter.

You walked over to Elena, whom was kneeling slightly putting together her bass clarinet. You looked at her for a second before you started to break down from your fear. Your salty and slightly warm tears, ruining your makeup and causing your mascara to bleed, slowly began to run down your face.

Elena looked up at you and saw your running makeup and gasped slightly almost whispering while helping you to sit down, "What's wrong?"

You looked at her and let out a slight whimper as she stroked your back.

Trying to control your tears you said, your voice shaking from fear, "I felt someone touch me...... they were cold... very cold... and male.... a cold... twisted... man...." You shuttered in Elena's arms.

Elena then let you join her coven, a question you were going to ask her if you could in gym that same day, telling you that you were going to be safe.

The time she spent comforting you spent the entire first half of 3rd Block, the entire band half. As soon as you had officially joined her coven, you began to think of her as a motherly figure.

After trying to fix your makeup during the switch, Elena gave Az your trumpet to put away for you and quickly told her what happened, you and Elena walked up to choir, the fact that you had been crying was still obvious though. The mascara had left marks that weren't wanting to come off.

You and Elena walked side-by-side, her arm wrapped around you protectively. Nicky gasped slightly when she saw the marks on your cheeks from your mascara having bled.

She looked at Elena and said, "What happened?"

Elena looked up from you and said, "I'll tell you in a minute. Come on, Millie, sit down." She then helped you up onto the raisers on which you sat down and cried slightly, but silently. Elena leaned over to Nicky and explained what I had told her after I had broken down.

You just hid in the Altos section the entire period, Elena saying here for you when the teacher took roll for the band kids. She helped soothe you when they were sitting.

After that you tried your best to hide your crying and after roll was taken for Gym and everybody else went downstairs, you and Elena just sat upstairs in the girls locker room, Elena comforting you more.


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