One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 8
New Style, New You

You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies, lit up the world as I fell asleep...  (please take me - away from here)  The song Fireflies by Owl City lulls you out of your sleep like a lullaby working in reverse as your alarm clock went off at 6 AM.

You pull yourself up out of bed and smiled stretching, excited for today. You scavenge through your dresser drawers silently, knowing nobody else would be up yet, your mom usually waking up at 6:15, and searched for the cutest outfit you could find. Also the most revealing just for that extra shock factor. You spot your 'I'm not short, I'm fun-sized' black tanktop and smile, thinking to yourself, I've been looking for this!  You then pull out the short sleeved blue, black, and a small amount of white, plaid, snap up shirt that goes with it and with it still being pretty damn warm out, you decide to wear a pair of short cut off jean shorts, as Elena calls them, slut shorts.

After getting dressed you went into the upstairs bathroom, the only full bathroom in your house, the one downstairs in the kitchen only being a half bath with just a toliet and sink, to put on some makeup. Looking through your mom's eyeshadows, you wanted to wear something crazy, but your mom's makeup didn't have many choices. Going with a dual color eyeshadow pallet called Blue Moon, it being the brightest color you could find and the one that went the best with your outfit. You applied it the way you have seen Az apply makeup before, with your finger, due to the weakness of the actual applicator brushes. After putting on your eyeshadow, the lighter color on the lid and the darker above it, you applied some mascara and a bit of eyeliner, not very good at all at applying the eyeliner.

Once you were done with your makeup you fixed your hair, teasing it, adding more volume to it, and straightening the waves that your hair naturally got, ofcourse after running a brush through it to get out the snarls and knots.

While you were getting ready, your mom had already gotten up. You glanced down at your phone and saw that it read 7:00 AM. You whispered to yourself, "Damn, this the longest I have ever taken to get ready for school." You then run downstairs and begin putting on your 'iconic' neon pink Chucks, on the toepart of which at the end of last year you had written the word, Neon on them. Neon was your raver name, given to you by a friend out in Seattle. You had proudly worn that name on your ID card at the only anime convention you had ever been to, Anime-zing.

Your mom tried to argue with you about your outfit but you just told her that you simply weren't changing or removing your makeup. She just sighed and went back to getting ready for work, sensing by the stubbornness in your voice that you were not changing.

You were silently filling with more and more excitement. You got to school and spotted Az starting up the first flight of steps infront of the school. You ran up behind her and poked her in the sides, mischievously. You might be looking hella different, but the way you acted hadn't really changed much at all, except possibly, more lusty and flirty.

Once in the school, you felt everybodies eyes' be almost attracted to you like a magnet. You smiled with a flirty and an accomplished pride, the pride and lust shown in the way you were standing, but the lust slightly hidden.

During Geometry, even though you were in the back of the classroom you still felt like everybody had their eyes glued to you, well at least the boys eyes were glued to you.

You actually felt a little bit happy to escape Geometry that day, atleast in the next class you could see how two of your oldest enemies would react, and how Kira would react of course.

You were almost late to English, your 2nd Block, but the looks on everyone's faces was worth it. Kal's jaw was basically on the floor when he saw you and Akel was wide eyed, his mouth also hanging open. Over from near your seat you heard a slight wolf whistle. Kira's eyes were wide from shock when she saw you. You giggled and went over to her quickly poking her before taking your seat. You looked around and saw a good number of the few girls in your mostly male dominated English class shooting you some almost jealous seeming glances.

After the fun of English, you were bursting with pride and you were very excited for band and choir. It was when Elena was going to first see the new 'you'.

You were able to quickly get your trumpet put together, and you stood beside Az, both of you waiting for Elena. You were enjoying the reactions that you were getting. You smiled as you saw her walk by the window of the office right off of the band room.

Then she walked in and her jaw simply dropped when she saw you standing next to Az.

"Holy Cow! Millie you look amazing!" She said looking you over.

You felt a slight shiver and felt something pass by you. But nothing visible did. It felt male and cold... as soon as you had felt it, it was gone again.

You felt small again, weak and less prideful. You saw Elena walk into the middle room were the low winds for the most part atleast kept their cases, which was now mostly empty because most people had already gotten their instruments out.


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