One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 7
New Look

You then giggled and texted Elena, "I have a suprise for you tomorrow, Elena!"

She almost instantly it seemed texted back, "What is it?!"

"You'll have to wait till tomorrow to see~ ;p" You replied. "But lets just say it made both Az and Nicky's jaws drop." You then giggled and noticed it was almost six.

Az had also noticed this and said, "Eliza you need to hurry your butt home before your mom gets pissed! It's almost six!"

"SHIT!" She exclaimed then took off towards her house.

You yelled after Eliza, "See ya Elizzy!" You then giggled.

The three of you then walked back down to the library to wait for Az's mom.

When her mom saw your hair she looked shocked and said, "Looks like Az struck with your hair that crazy." She then chuckled and when If I Die Young came on again you three sung it to your hearts content.

Upon getting home, your grandparent's basically started throwing a shitfit about your hair.

"What the FUCK did you do to your hair?!" your grandma yelled.

Your grandpa said something undistinguishable in Spanish and you could tell even without being able to understand it, that he was PISSED about your new hair style.

But you thought it looked hot on you. And obviously your friends agreed, so you were happy with it, sure that everybody would be looking at you at school tomorrow, weither they were good looks or bad looks, you will be glad about just being noticed at that.

Your mom freaked out about your hair, but you just ignored it and headed straight into your room and turning on your radio to the Pop Hits station, B100.

You went downstairs only once to check your dA and to eat dinner before heading back upstairs, the next time you came down was after your grandparents went to sleep to get your usual bowl of ice cream. 

This weeks flavor being Neopolan, you try to get exactly a scoop of each flavor so that you had your normal three scoops and an equal amount of chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and strawberry icecream, only for that ratio to be ruined by your layer of chocolate syrup you insist on putting on top of almost any flavor of icecream, even Rocky Road, or a chocolate ice cream with swirls of marshmallow cream and pieces of various nuts in it, those nuts being mostly one of your favorite type of nut, almonds.

After getting your, as your mother calls it, 'huge' bowl of icecream, even though your brothers used to have icecream at times in bowls made for storing leftovers in, and not even the small ones but the big ones, you walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, plopping down on the breaking couch and flipping the channel to CartoonNetwork, of course the 'kiddy' and 'teen' cartoons would be over now, but you loved Adult Swim and often watched King of the Hill and when possible Family Guy, before your mother shooed you up to bed shortly after 10.

Then after finishing your bowl of ice cream and getting a few cheap laughs from King of the Hill you went back into the kitchen to get a glass of milk after putting your bowl in the sink to be washed by somebody else at a later time ofcourse. You pour the milk into your favorite cup, a plastic wavy cup with some clear waves and then other waves that are the semi-seethrough waves and a random black spot, not really a dot, more of a rectangular shape, on the side of it near the top.

After finishing your milk you run water in it to make sure the milk doesn't dry onto the bottom of it. Then you went upstairs to get ready for bed, checking out your new hairstyle in the mirror while brushing your teeth.

Then you went to bed earlier then normal, excited for what tomorrow will bring, after setting your alarm clock for once and for 6 AM, a half a hour earlier then the normal time you wake up.


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