One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 5

-Oh and in my head there is a forest with fairies and dog-bodied centaurs."

She looked at you confused for a minute before laughing then the bell rung and you guys ran upstairs up the girls stairs into the girls locker room to change.

After you before were finished changing, you started texting Az and you and Elena exchanged phone numbers.

You texted Az, "Clubs still on right?"

"Yep," She replied back.

"Good, I'm getting a ride from you right, Az?" You asked.

"Yeeeeeeeep~" She replied.

Then the bell rung and you and Elena giggled, because you were tickling each other and you were making weird sounds.

You ran up to your locker and dropped off your books really quickly then walked back downstairs, after poking Elena on your way past her, to talk to Az and Nicky.

Seeing Az, Nicky, and Kira, you figured Symone had already left. Shortly after arriving, Kira's sister came to pick her up and she had to go and told everybody goodbye and hugged us all. Then you quickly told Az and Nicky about what you found out during gym.

"Wait... what? She doesn't smell like like one!" Az exclaimed.

"But her energy is like one," you commented.

"And what's this say about her being a coven leader?" Nicky added.

"How 'bout you ask her herself?" You said as you saw her walking out.

You walk up to her and hug her tight before 'tickleraping' her and Az both.

"So.... Elena, tell those two what you told me during gym~" You giggled.

She looked at you before sighing and saying, "I am a vampire and one of the leaders of a spiritual coven. A coven over 200 strong, me and Alexa lost track at around 100." She then started laughing and continued, "Alexa is the other physical leader."

After talking for a bit, Elena had to go and you guys decided it would be best if you started heading to Az's mom's car and got on your way to Club.


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