One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 4

Around 11 PM you three decided to go to the nearby park. After messing around at the park for a while you three decide to go back to Az's house. You fell asleep first, probably because you find it comfortable and natural to sleep on the floor.

The next day your mother picks up both you and Nicky up, dropping Nicky off at her mom’s house before going home. You did basically nothing but sit upstairs in your bedroom and play Pokemon or sit downstairs in the dining room and roleplay on Furcadia while surfing DeviantArt, listening to music on YouTube, and talking to Az and Eliza on iScribble. You do the same thing again on Sunday.

When Monday rolled around you jumped out of bed, pulled together your outfit and went downstairs to finish getting ready for school and to watch cartoons before school.

You were excited because you got to see all your friends today, including Eliza, who didn't go to your school because she lived in another city.

You pushed through Geometry in no time and when you got to English you joked around with Kira for a bit before going over to your seat. That's when the boy that has basically been one of three enemies of yours since early elementary school came in, Kal. Kal was just a plain immature annoyance and you knew this class was going to quickly become horrid because one of the other two 'enemies' of yours from elementary school was also in this class, Akel.

You get in an even worse mood when Kal's seat is diagonal from yours.

After getting through English you cheer up again, finding out it's a day three, meaning you go to choir first. You go to the choir room and talk to Nicky and Symone happily and you all wait for Elena to arrive for Choir. After you three talk for a while the teacher comes in and you have to go over to the Soprano section.

When it was time for Band Choir kids to switch to Band and Choir Orchestra kids to switch to Orchestra you, Elena, and Symone all head downstairs together.

Leaving Symone to go to Orchestra, you and Elena head into the Band room and talk to Az for basically the rest of the Block because you weren't doing anything in band.

Then it was time for lunch! Of course, you didn't have Kira at lunch with you because she had a different lunch time but you had Az, Nicky, and Symone to sit with, and Elena decided to sit with you too. After lunch, you and Elena said goodbye to the other three and headed to the end of the cafeteria away from the Art Wing of the school and turned to go to gym.

Once in the gym you and Elena go to your already usual spot in the gym and sit and talk when a boy comes over.

"Hey, I'm Kool-Aid Man!" he introduced himself as sitting down infront of us. "Who are you guys?"

I hesitated for a moment.

Elena smiled and said, "I'm Elena and this is Millie."

We then talked and got to know each other until Kool-Aid Man had to go up to the front of the line because his name was near the top of the attendance list.

After we were both marked here on the attendance list me and Elena go into the locker room and change into our gym clothes. 

Once you and Elena were both in gym you talked through out the entire block and you let it slip that you believe in all the gods and that you even have a connection to a goddess named Aerten. At first you thought she didn't believe you but to your relief she told you that she believed in all of them too and that she often talked to the Greek Gods and that she was the daughter of Appolo and the leader of a coven.

You and her talk about wicca and coven and other spiritual and supernatural stuff when you notice whats strange about her energy. It's like a vampires energy, knowing that because of Az and Eliza and because you are basically a mutt of paranormal creatures, nymphs of all times, werewolf, and vampire.

You look at Elena and let your fangs come down and say, "Hey Elena.... do you believe in vampires?"

"Yeah. Can you keep a secret?"

"Yeah, I can."

"I am a vampire. Mostly spiritually but watch." She then opened her mouth and let her fangs come down. Unless one was looking for it they wouldn't even notice it.

"Can I at least tell Az?"

"Sure but why?"

"Promise not to tell I told you this, but she is a vampire too. I'm a mixed breed myself, rarely needing blood, and instead of needing flesh for the were in me, because I am a real mutt, I just have to eat meat. Plus I am tons of types of nymphs. Oh and in my head there is a forest with fairies and dog-bodied centaurs."


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