One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 3
Az's House

Gym time! You and Elena go into the gym and sit down where you had seated yourself yesterday. Your gym class was mostly the 'popular' kids so you distanced yourself from them, most of them being from your Jr High as a matter of fact.

You and Elena talk until the teacher comes out and takes attendance and then leads both gym classes downstairs to the big gym.

Then after getting your gym lockers you and Elena go out into the main gym again and you pull out your phone to check if you had any new texts or missed calls. Your phone said two missed calls.

"Stupid telemarketers," you grumbled and then the bell rang, for the end of school. Rushing up to your locker you threw all your stuff into it and then ran back down to the fourth floor and out the main entrance to see Az and Nicky out there.

You quickly walked over to them and make plans to go over to Az's house. Elena comes up and you give her a hug before she has to leave. Then you, Nicky, and Az start walking towards Az's house.

Upon arriving to Az's house you and Nicky just take off your shoes and then you all just head for the kitchen and raid her fridge. You and Nicky both grab out a Mountain Dew each. Az grabs her favorite thing to eat, tortita strips and cheese dip. She also grabs a Mountain Dew for herself. You three head into her computer room and instantly go to YouTube, deviantArt, and get on iScribble to talk to Eliza. After surfing deviantArt and talking to Eliza for a while it starts getting dark and it starts to thunderstorm, so, seeing how it is a Friday you and Nicky decided to stay the night, knowing Az's mom would be ok with it. You texted you mom to bring you your stuff including your squishy pillow which all your friends seem to fight over and your blanket. Shortly after she gets here with your stuff you guys decide to watch a little Dexter.


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