One and Only True Love (Rough Unedited{And Unfinished} Form)
Author: M. E. Haze

Chapter 1
First Day of School

So, summer vacation was over and it was your first day back at school. You and your friends had decided to make you seem emo or gothic but you didn't get your hair cut in time or get the right clothes to wear so you decided to just look like a loner.

First Block was Geometry, which flew by in a snap, you were glad that at least you knew a lot of the kids in your class and that the teacher seemed fun.

Second Block was English, which you were happy to find out you had one of your best friends in, but pissed off when you found out some of the most annoying kids from last year were in it too, one of which was assigned to sit right behind you.

Third Block was amazing, you had two of your favorite classes then, band with another one of your best friends, who was the only oboe player in the Freshman Band and Choir with another two of your best friends.

Then came Fourth Block. Gym. Your least favorite class. You just walked into the gym and sat next to the place were they plug in stuff in for the scoreboards for basketball games and stuff. Then, she came over.

"Hi!" a girl, taller then you with hair about the same color as your light brown just a little lighter. "How are you?"

"Good..." you replied, trying to sound uninterested.

You didn't know this girl but she seemed interesting. You two talk and end up going to the meeting in the auditorium together, where your friends call you back to sit with them. You end up sitting with them, only a row or two back from her.

Then school was over and you were looking forward to coming back to school tomorrow, honestly, you had been bored to death over the summer with nothing to do.

(Wow. The rewrite is much better >>)


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