The Mischievous Nerd's Guide to World Domination
Author: Stephen Oberauer

Chapter 89
Going global

As we grew and built more towns, we introduced more plans for letting people into the system. We had to keep a balance between the number of previously poor people and the number of doctors and other skilled people. So we let people in based on their qualifications and contributions and let in an equal number of poor people. Only the men who were desperate to get in had to have vasectomies. As for the others, we simply used Culture Club to encourage people not to have more than one child, and rather to adopt than have one’s own children. We also encouraged men to have vasectomies after they had enough children. The Culture Club brought families close together so that those who didn’t have children didn’t feel too left out, and the children who didn’t have siblings felt as if they did. We were able to keep the growth rate negative, which was all that we needed to feel in control.

Groups in other countries also wanted to build towns like the ones that we were building, and so new towns emerged around the world. We supported them by sharing our finances, equipment and experience.

The two hour a day work rule quickly disappeared. It was quite interesting to find out that, when we had the two hour rule, most people would only work for two hours a day, and some would resent having to work. When we removed that rule, many people worked full days simply because they enjoyed what they were doing.

Our system grew exponentially. Every time a city was built a new factory became available to build houses in new cities. By 2021 the whole of South Africa belonged to us, and eleven years later, in 2032, the entire world was part of the new system. Every appliance, machine and vehicle was being built by us. With the patience and care that was taken in building them, they were estimated to last between ten and twenty times longer than before, but we couldn’t really tell, because most of them had not needed any maintenance yet.

Having 6 billion people working together on the same projects does help move technology along quickly. By 2038 nearly everything that could be automated was automated. We even had machines performing complex medical operations.

People used to ask me, ‘What do you do when there’s no more work to be done?’

It’s an easy question to answer, ‘You do whatever you want to.’


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