The Mischievous Nerd's Guide to World Domination
Author: Stephen Oberauer

Chapter 87
The New World Order

It was Saturday morning, the 26th of May, 2007. We were having a television interview later that day, and so I was thinking about the things that I was going to say as I once again removed my hardly used tie and jacket from the wardrobe, and started my first attempt at doing my tie. My mind imagined all the things I would tell them about the progress on our second town, and about our plans for building homes for poor people, and our ideas for the future.

The usual group, Rupert, Edward, Dave, Shelley and myself, along with a couple of others, met together at the BI office and made our way to a room on the twelfth floor with a great view, and lots of light for the interview. While we waited I walked out onto the balcony and held onto the railing. I felt my hands gripping tightly while I peered over the edge at the houses 12 storeys below me. The wind was messing up my hair, so I retreated back indoors.

Dave’s phone rang. It was James, one of the security officers at the entrance to Free Thinker’s Town. ‘Yo, James,’ Dave answered. ‘Yes, I’ve given the TV crew instructions on how to get to the meeting. You can let them in.’

About five minutes later the lift arrived at our floor, carrying the interviewer, cameraman and the sound and lighting guy. ‘Wow, this view is amazing!’ Sue, the interviewer exclaimed as she entered the room. The three of them immediately headed toward the large windows and looked around. ‘Get a shot of this,’ she told the camera guy as she pointed in the general direction of the interestingly shaped, colourful houses, green gardens, bright blue swimming pools and strange contraptions below. ‘Hi, I’m Sue,’ she said, as she turned around to greet us. The other two were too interested in the view to bother to greet us, and found their way onto the balcony, where the cameraman filmed the scene below. In the meanwhile, Sue got to know us in order to figure out what each of our roles were in the Town.

When the crew arrived back inside, they set up cameras, lights and other equipment and the interview began with me. ‘I’m here, in the Beyond Imagination office, right in the middle of Free Thinker’s Town, with the group of people who made it all possible. I’m speaking to Nathan, the man who came up with the idea. Good morning Nathan.’

‘Good morning, Sue.’

‘So, tell me, how did you come up with the idea for Free Thinker’s Town?’

‘The idea came about simply because the world is in such a bad state. There are so many homeless and poor people that it’s just plain ridiculous. To think that South Africa is not the worst country in the world is really sad. The worst of it is that people get so used to how bad things are, that they stop noticing anymore. Like, for example, on September 11th, 2001, a few thousand people died from a terrorist attack, and that’s what the world focused on for the next few years. People didn’t even realize that thirty thousand people had died of starvation on the same day! So, basically I came up with the idea, because the world is suffering so badly that something has to be done to fix it.’

‘I was speaking to you earlier, and you told me that Free Thinker’s Town only requires people to work for two hours a day. How is that possible, if the rest of us work for eight hours a day and don’t live the quality of life that people have in this town?’

‘That’s quite easy,’ I explained. ‘Hundreds of years ago, in order to have a meal, a typical person would have to walk to the shop, or go out into their farm and choose the chicken they were going to eat. They would of course have to eat it that day, because they didn’t have fridges. They had to take it home and pluck it. They also had to walk to the nearby well with their bucket to fetch water. They then had to start a fire, and they didn’t have matches, so they had to gather wood, and use flint to start the fire. They had to then wait for the chicken to cook. So, in all it probably took a few hours to have a meal. These days we simply take the microwave meal out of the fridge, stick it in the microwave and it’s done in five minutes. For water, we simply open the tap. Can you imagine how long it took to make clothes? Today clothing is made using machines that probably work over a hundred times faster.

The interesting thing is that they also only had 24 hours in a day, and despite things being a hundred times faster today, we still work as hard as they did back then. The question shouldn’t be “Why do we only need to work two hours a day?” It should be “Why does anyone still need to work for eight hours in a day?”’

I continued to explain the long answer, about capitalism and competition and money and then Sue came up with a question that caught me by surprise, ‘What do you have to say to people who believe that you are starting the “New World Order”?’

‘What?’ I asked, not having a clue what she was talking about.

‘Do you not know that people believe that you’re starting the “New World Order”?’

‘What’s the “New World Order”?’ I asked.

This time Sue looked confused, and then explained, ‘It’s a conspiracy theory about a powerful and secretive elite group conspiring to eventually rule the world through an independent world government.’

‘Secretive?’ I asked. ‘We’re not secretive.’

‘But you are planning to rule the world, right?’ she asked.

I took a moment to think. ‘We’re planning to make the best towns possible. Whoever wants to live in them can, and whoever wants to stay in the outside world can. I don’t know any reason why they would want to, but they can.’

‘And how does one get to live in your towns?’

‘At the moment it’s only BI employees,’ I started to explain.

Sue interrupted me, ‘The elite.’

‘What? No. We’re busy building a whole new town. It will be ready soon, and when it is, we’ll start inviting poor people to live in them with us.’

Interviews continued, as Sue chatted to the other people in the group. When it was all over, I headed home and switched on my computer. This ‘New World Order’ thing was news to me, and so I checked the internet to see what I could find. I started with YouTube, typing in the keywords, ‘Beyond Imagination New World Order’. Fifty-four anti-BI videos were listed. What a bunch of idiots!


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