The Mischievous Nerd's Guide to World Domination
Author: Stephen Oberauer

Chapter 85
Home, sweet home

By February, 2007, we had waited long enough and decided that it was time to move into our new home and join the other 60 people who had moved in already. The town wasn’t quite ready yet, but at least we could work on the town from where we lived. We had to cut down on the amount of meat that we ate, because animal farming takes up more land than any other kind of farming, but, other than that, eating was quite normal.

On the 22nd of February we moved in. We had seen our house many times before. Our house was designed to look like a big, wooden boat. It wasn’t wooden though. Instead, it was made of a very strong, concrete mixture, which I hoped would last at least a few hundred years. We drove to our new home, and opened the door in the hull. The house was not empty, as one would imagine a house is when one moves into it. The furniture had already been bought and moved in. Only the longest lasting, highest quality furniture was allowed in these homes. The home was even pre-decorated. I had to get used to the idea that nothing in the house was mine. Although the home was allocated to me, if I were to move, everything would remain where it was and I would move into another fully furnished, well decorated home.

We opened the front door, which led into the spacious lounge, kitchen and dining area. Large windows filled the room with light. A round ceiling window, about a metre in diameter let sun in during the day, and gave a view of the stars at night. To the right was the cinema room, a completely sound proof room with dim lighting and soft, dark, reddish walls. Two rows of luxurious couches faced the three metre wide screen. Next to the cinema was the main bedroom with its en suite bathroom and Jacuzzi bath.

We climbed up the stairs into the second floor, where the other two bedrooms and games room were. To the left was a door that led outside, onto the boat’s deck, in the middle of which was the lounge ceiling window. Next to the boat was the swimming pool, which you could jump into from the deck of the boat.

Imagine, if you can, how cool it was. I was living in a beautiful, large, luxury house, with all the appliances I needed, earning R80,000 a month. The only things that I had to pay for were, well... nothing, really. I could walk to work, so there was no need for transportation. And every other necessity was supplied. We had free access to nearly every book, song, computer program, video and design ever published, because we had no copyright laws. Of course it is nice to travel and be able to contact people in the outside world using a telephone, so there were a few small expenses, and so I made the decision to put most of my salary into improving the town.

As more people moved into the town they too found little use for their money, and put lots of it into the non-profit fund that we had set up.


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