No Motive
Author: Joel Rey

Chapter 1

"This is the seventh one this month, Will. Are we ever going to catch this guy?" The man was complaining in the field as he was pacing back and forth with sweat dripping down his cheek. The man was tall he had to be at least six feet and he looked angry. Something was bothering him.

"I don't know John, I just don't know." Will was leaned up against the car watching his partner pace. The car was an old Cadillac Allante but John loved it. Will looked like he was about five feet and eight inches. His blond hair was over his eyes but he could still see John clearly. His partner was getting tired of all the crap that had been going on this week. This was the seventh time that Scar had killed this month and it was really starting to get to John. John felt like the killer was taunting him with the mark he always left behind. A circle with a slash cut through it. The mark was his symbol and since they’d never seen him it might as well have been Scar’s face.

They hadn't moved the victim's body when they showed up and the body was sprawled out arms up and legs down. He'd been killed with a machete to the heart and the mark had been cut around him. Where the slash crossed over him the mark had been cut through his chest with a switchblade.

They had only touched the body once and that was to check the man's ID. No reason to wait for analysis if they could just look at the guy’s driver's license and find his name. Jerry Gage. Number seven on Scar's rampage.

The guy had no motive he just killed to kill or because he loved killing. He'd killed six people before Jerry. The other victim’s names were Victoria Ashden, Fredrick Murray, Alex James, Zane Taylor, Tammy Haynes, and Lake Key. All of them differed in age, race, and gender. No similarities. They wouldn’t have said that the killings had no motive if the victims had at least known each other somehow. That even would have narrowed down there list of suspects but since the victims hadn’t known each other anyone could be Scar even John or Will. The guy hadn’t even taken anything off of the bodies after he had killed them. The guy was just killing random people from what they could tell. The people had all been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Victoria had been an eighty year old widow and had been in the hospital. She had been old and weak so she was constantly going in and out of the hospital for one reason or another. She was extremely allergic to anything with peanuts. If a peanut or anything with peanut in it even touched her skin she would break out in hives all over her skin and then her throat would close up because of the shock. Scar had slipped an extremely high dosage of peanut oil into her IV and food just to make sure it got into her. It would have been hard to know that it was him if he hadn't left his symbol on the wall next to the window.

Fredrick had been a teenager that had just turned sixteen three weeks ago. He'd just got his driver's license a week ago. Scar cut his break line and then he scratched his symbol into the hood of Fredrick’s car or what was left of it.

Alex was a young man that had just turned thirty. He loved to swim so he'd gone to the YMCA everyday of his life. Scar put the tarp over the pool while he had been swimming and locked it down. Then he turned the jets on high and stopped the drainage. Alex drowned two days after he turned thirty. Scar’s symbol was left on a piece of paper that was placed over the tarp for the cops to find.

Zane had been one of the worst cases. He'd been scuba diving and when he'd come back up, to get the underwater camera he had left behind, then Scar put a harpoon in his chest from Zane's own boat. Poor kid never saw it coming. Scar left his symbol on the side of the boat to mark his kill.

Tammy had been luckier than Zane. She'd been visiting a bee farm when Scar took her life. Tammy was only thirteen and it was a school field trip. She'd tried to convince her mother to let her stay home because she was extremely allergic to bees and scared of them for that same reason. Her mother had thought it might help her get over her little fear. It hadn't. He either pushed the box or rigged it to fall but that didn't matter. He'd killed Tammy by letting her get stung to death. Scar had left his mark on the very box that the bees had been released from. Even if they had gotten Tammy to the hospital she never stood a chance.

Lake had died by his name sake. Legs and arms tied together so that he'd drown in the lake that he had a summer house on. Scar had left his mark on a tree next too his house. It was strange how Scar could attack the victims like this and never even leave anything behind.

The strange thing was that even though Scar seemed to be killing random people he seemed to know a lot about them. He’d known enough about them to know what allergies they had and where they would be and how to kill them either he had gotten this information before he started killing or he researched the people before he killed them.

"How many, Will?" John asked as they got into the car. John was driving and his face was red and flustered. He was still angry that they couldn't catch this guy.

"What do you mean?" Will asked. Will pulled his gun out of his holster and put it in the glove compartment. That was where he always kept it when they were driving because it made him more comfortable.

"How many is that son of a bitch going to kill before we finally bring him down?" John yelled at Will. He was only yelling because he was upset that they'd missed Scar. The head of the FBI had given them the Scar case as their assignment when it first showed up. It was supposed to be a quick case but it had been going on for a month and now seven people were dead because of it.

"I don't know John. We're just going to have to keep moving and one day we will catch Scar." Will tried to comfort John but his words were empty.

"No. One day I'm going to kill him." He said the sentence coldly and his tounge wrapped around the word him wi contempt.


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